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Action-series Bulk Transport

Action-series Bulk Transport

Action-series Bulk Transport

Type: Unit
Cost: 4
Force Icons: 2
Icons: 2
Faction: Light Neutral
Vehicle. Transport.
Reaction: After this unit is focused to strike, search the top 5 cards of your deck for a Character unit with printed cost 2 or lower and put it into play. Shuffle the remaining cards back into your deck.
Health: 3
Resources Generated: 2
Block Number: 49 - 4 of 6
Set: A Dark Time Number: 0234
* * * * -   5 Galactic Citizens have rated this card!
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This card is kind of poopy.
It's a decent defensive unit, but unless you package him into a character - centric deck, he often times ends up in edge battles.
I've tried using this a couple of ways. 1) Actually using the ability at the bottom - terrible idea, you end up just wasting your time and great cards. 2) For the resources - waste of time and only good in a time of desperation. E.g., you pull no units and you only have a couple fate cards/ actions that won't help before you are attacked.

Overall, it's a necessary evil but I agree that the card isn't a very versatile card.
While this card might not be fantastic it's hard to argue with the utility of a 3 health 2 char dmg unit that spits out free dudes when it strikes. It's certainly not the best use of 4 resources but i'd say it has some great utility thanks to the extra resources it can grant as well as the potential for extra units when you might otherwise be open. The real shining star of this objective set is the objective itself, bouncing any unit is fantastic.
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If you use this unit's effect and find Wedge, can you use it to put Wedge on a vehicle as an enhancement? Or would you have to play Wedge as a unit?
Found the answer to my own question: he can only be put into play as a unit. http://www.cardgamed...__20#entry36976
Oct 28 2016 07:41 PM

Official Ruling (Nate French)


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