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Prepare for Evacuation

Prepare for Evacuation

Prepare for Evacuation

Type: Objective
Faction: Light Smugglers and Spies
Interrupt: When a Hoth objective leaves play, return a target unit to its owner's hand.
Health: 5
Resources Generated: 1
Block Number: 49 - 1 of 6
Set: A Dark Time Number: 0232
Illustrator: Alexandre Danche
* * * * *   6 Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders have rated this card!
Other Cards in Block 49
Block Stats:
# Units: 3
Total Cost: 9
Average Cost: 1.8
Total Force Icons: 8
Average Force Icons: 1.6
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This objective makes Hoth objectives a very risky play for the DS.

X2 of these in play at the start of the game is a blowout waiting to happen for the DS.
I totally agrees with TGO on this.
This against Killing Cold is very interesting. The can I down it before they sacrifice units and play Desolation of Hoth is an interesting dynamic.
Just a quick verification. When Prepare for Evacuation itself leaves play, the Interrupt on it applies, right?
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Just a quick verification. When Prepare for Evacuation itself leaves play, the Interrupt on it applies, right?

Yes it does. Page 24, Interrupts.
Cards in the set don't seem all that good but I feel like the objective ability makes this worth running easily.
Edit : I do like the utility of the hand-vac though, could be nice with the right deck build.
I use this set one for the objective and two for the renegade squadron escorts. They're great in a vehicle heavy deck which, when paired with most other smuggler and spies sets doesn't help much, but the ion canon blast balances that against any imperial navy deck. Also, as Hoth Objectives see more play the battle of Hoth will be more offensively useful.
Question: is a unit in the discard pile a valid target to use the objective's effect on?
Oct 24 2013 06:32 AM
Only units in play are ever valid targets, unless the card says you can target them in an out-of-play area
Nov 01 2016 12:48 AM

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