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Outer Rim Space Pirates

Outer Rim Space Pirates

Outer Rim Space Pirates

Type: Unit
Cost: 5
Force Icons: 3
Icons: 2 1
Faction: Dark Scum and Villainy
Vehicle. Mercenary. Black Sun.

Many bands of pirates thrived in the Outer Rim where the Imperial presence was sparse and response times were slow.
Health: 4
Resources Generated: 3
Block Number: 57 - 2 of 6
Set: Assault on Echo Base Number: 272
Illustrator: Jacob Atenza
* * * - -   5 Bounty Hunting Scum have rated this card!
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The objective makes this good. Other than that it's not really that impressive honestly.
I agree. Played it into the edge twice in one game.
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It DOES have synergy with it's objective. Plus it's a nice card to have just sitting there open as a defender. Opponent doesn't know if maybe you have something worth up to 3 resources to mess with them, plus it's an edge enabled tactics. Worst case scenario it's a 4 life blocker with two unit damage icons.
Nov 01 2013 01:42 AM
Best part about this unit is to send it into an engagement that you know will be unopposed then use it's 3 resources to play Captured on an enemy unit. It will still get its unopposed damage on the obj. Win/win!
Clever. Even if they TRY to oppose it, you could capture the unit that tried opposing.

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