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Orbital Resupply Station

Orbital Resupply Station

Orbital Resupply Station

Type: Enhancement
Cost: 1
Force Icons: 1
Faction: Dark Imperial Navy
Enhance your play area.
Reduce the cost to play each [Imperial Navy] Vehicle unit with a printed cost of 4 or higher by 1.
Block Number: 63 - 5 of 6
Set: The Battle of Hoth Number: 298
Illustrator: Matt Bradbury
* * * * *   2 Imperial Officers have rated this card!
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Aug 22 2013 01:08 PM
This coupled with Needa, Kuat Reinforcements, Deploy the Fleet and some Admiral's Orders is going to be devastating. Am I also reading right that you can have two of these in play at once?

Free Star Destroyers, anyone?
You can have 2 in play at once, but you'll have to skip Kuat Reinforcements if you want the star destroyers to be free as it sets a minimum cost of 1.
I had 2 in play in a game last night. I drew up 3 ATATs in 2 turns and played them all for 2 resources each the following turn. that was game.
It's a shame they made this reduce only imperial navy vehicles only. This set might have seen more play otherwise. Maybe the Endor cycle will bring it back?

It was never gone for me.


What brings down the set for me is the horrendous force icons coupled with AT-ATs needing to win edge or swing unopposed to actually damage objectives.

Also, the AT-AT Assault Formation should have gained a bonus from DS controlling a/more Hoth objectives than LS. As it stands, more often than not it has no ability.

I am hoping they reprint this in a pod in Imperial Entanglements. If it weren't for the force icons and Hoth-specificness of this set, it would see a lot of play with newer decks.

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