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Imperial Navy

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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Sith Sith Force Control Control

  Sith, Imperial Navy, Experimental
----- Bazeleel

Imperial Swarm

  Imperial Navy, Aggro
----- flightmaster101

Beefy Navy Deck

  Imperial Navy
Swarm and Capital Ships ----- WheelzUK

Imperial Death Star Stacker

  Imperial Navy, Combo and 2 more...
Workable Star Destroyer Deck? ----- swtke

Navy Fast Advance

  Imperial Navy
I was bored, so I did this. ----- Snowman307

Capital Ships Galore

  Imperial Navy
All Imperial Capital Ships with some resource cards to help out ----- flightmaster101

The Big Navy

  Imperial Navy
----- MercyStreet

The Hoth Lockdown - Kingdom Con Regional Champ Deck

  Sith, Imperial Navy, Control
Lock down those pesky Rebels or Jedi with Hoth cards. ----- TinyGrimes

An Entire Legion of My Best Troops

  Imperial Navy
Tarkin, Motti, Vader, and a legion of troopers. ----- KingofHearts

Ultimate Vader

  Imperial Navy, Aggro
Based on an other deck listed here, removed the Corporate Exploitation and Recon mission for 2X The Ultimate Power. ----- XoreX

Imperial Swarm

  Imperial Navy, Aggro, Fun, Theme
----- swtke

Trooper Vader Deck

  Imperial Navy
Imperial Deck with Devastator, Lord Vader and small units. ----- fram

Vader Trooper/Vehicle Deck

  Imperial Navy
----- drewconner

Trooper Assault V2

  Imperial Navy, Sith, Aggro, Theme
Weenie rush ----- superradjoe

Seems Legit

  Imperial Navy, Sith, Control, Fun and 2 more...
Devastator, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Motti - all in one deck! ----- Jarrett


  Imperial Navy
Space battles and boarding parties ----- flightmaster101

Imperial Vehicles?

  Imperial Navy, Experimental
Imperial Vehicles ----- Hida77

Powerful Sith

  Imperial Navy, Sith and 1 more...
----- iStasis

Sith Big Guys

  Imperial Navy, Sith
Use the plethora of resources to get out the big guys. ----- drewconner

FFG Sample Deck Dark Side

  Imperial Navy, Casual
From one of FFG's articles. ----- GrayLeader

Trooper Deck

  Imperial Navy
Aggressive Imperial Deck with lots of trooper aboard the Devastator. ----- fram

[Imperial Navy] - Gathering Storm(troopers)

  Imperial Navy, Aggro
Hold your ground for the first half of the game, then try to close the game making quick counterattacks with enhance troopers and superlaser blasts ----- GuardianOfTheFlame

Imperial Navy Swarm

  Imperial Navy, Aggro
----- Toqtamish

Core Imperial Navy Preconstructed Deck

  Imperial Navy, Core Precon
This deck is the deck list from the core set starter deck list. ----- Toqtamish

Super Troopers

  Imperial Navy, Experimental
A Imp Navy deck made to take advantage of Orbital Bombardment. ----- Darksbane

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