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Scum and Villainy

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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Flippin' Scum

  Scum and Villainy, Control
----- Toqtamish

Navy-Scum Midrange

  Imperial Navy, Scum and Villainy and 1 more...
----- dbmeboy

Scum Vehicles

  Scum and Villainy
----- Zond

Jabba's 'eadhunter

  Scum and Villainy
----- D0C08

He's no Good to me Dead

  Scum and Villainy
I know something was suppose to go here... :P ----- Rasanack

Sith Scum control.

  Scum and Villainy
----- brownavenger

Shifting Sands

  Scum and Villainy, Control
It is a defensive control deck. With Jundland Wastes and all the goodies Sith has, this deck tool boxes control and slows an opponent to a crawl. ----- Marz

Scum/Imperial Anti-Meta

  Imperial Navy, Scum and Villainy and 2 more...
An anti-meta concept to beat Smugglers Sprint decks. ----- bmtrocks

Easy like Sunday morning capture deck

  Scum and Villainy, Casual
This deck has lots of ways to easily capture your opponent's cards (The Tatooine Crash could not be easier) and then gain benefits from doing so. ----- Theotherring

3,720 to 1

  Scum and Villainy, Combo, Control and 1 more...
----- Bazeleel

just messing around

  Scum and Villainy, Sith and 1 more...
----- kilbil

Hutt Bus

  Sith, Control
Sith bus deck with Jabba and Ghosts for an even larger focus on tactics and added usage of it with the Dark Memories, alongside large amounts of burn and resources. ----- Laxen

Enhancements 1.0

  Scum and Villainy
Enhancement cycling ----- Magpieman

Jabba's Bounty

  Scum and Villainy
----- RomanSandal

Capture Deck/Slave One

  Scum and Villainy, Aggro, Control
----- DWilkins

Just sitting here Focusing

  Scum and Villainy, Experimental
----- kilbil

Scum and Fun v2

  Scum and Villainy
This is basically a fun "let's see what happens" deck. Just wondering what changes to make if I decide to try and be competitive with it. Bespin is in there just because I am a huge Boba Fett fan ----- blobb

Scum Scavengers

  Scum and Villainy
----- Ilzhahkha

Sith Control Scum version

  Sith, Scum and Villainy
----- Ilzhahkha

S&V Capture Deck

  Scum and Villainy
Still a work in progress. Try to capitalize on as many card synergies as possible. ----- drewconner

B&B (Bounty Hunters Deck)

  Scum and Villainy, Control
Boba + Bosk + Lucrative Contract + The Pit "should" make for a solid base of capturing and regaining resources. ----- Laxen


  Scum and Villainy
----- RSIxidor

Tatooine Control

  Scum and Villainy, Combo, Control
A Scum and Villainy deck concept, slapping together all the good Tatooine objectives. ----- bmtrocks

Enter the Spice Dragon

  Scum and Villainy, Combo
Hallucinate your way to victory with Spice Visions! ****- RedSquadronK

Scum Fun

  Scum and Villainy, Experimental
Trying to find the decent cards of this affiliation ----- iStasis

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