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Small Council Articles

The Things I Do For Win- Examining Martell Maes...

May 18 2012 05:50 PM by clu

The Grand Melee - Playing Control in Melee Part...

May 17 2012 05:45 PM by Kalindas

Forging the Chain - Being Competitive in Your Meta

May 17 2012 04:04 PM by TinyGrimes

Beheading Ned - The Brotherhood Without Banners

May 16 2012 01:51 PM by mathiasfricot

Uniquely Suited - Stannis Baratheon

May 15 2012 07:23 PM by imrahil327

Things I Do For Win - Phase: Cancel Triggers

Dec 07 2012 04:29 PM by clu

A Time for Reprints: An Open Letter

May 10 2012 04:36 PM by jimpanda

All Things Shagga - Dobbler's Tulsa Deck

May 09 2012 04:08 PM by Kennon

First Tilt - Player Personality: Jaime

May 08 2012 08:20 AM by doulos2k


May 08 2012 08:20 AM by jimpanda

Forgotten Plans - Melee

May 08 2012 08:20 AM by Kennon

The Things I Do For Win - Tournament Play

May 21 2012 09:51 PM by clu

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  • Devastacia
  • doulos2k
    Avid player of the Game of Thrones LCG in Austin, TX. I post updates of games in Austin as well as tourney reports and such. I'm doulos2k on the forums.
  • emptyrepublic
  • Gangle
  • Greekguy
    "Card game maniac entreprenuer!"

    - Writer of "We Have a Dream", "The Free Iron Throne", "Memoirs of a Wandering Took"

    - Tournament Director of Greece

    I started playing card games with...Magic. I quickly realised that this was not the card game for me. I needed something different and more challenging. Then Lord of the Rings from Decipher came to my life. I played like a maniac finally geting a 3rd place in a World Team Event with my 2 fellow teamates for Team Greece.

    When Lord of the rings disolved i was quite unhappy...so i left the card game scene. Then the wonder of AGoT LCG got me. A Card game of epic proportions! So now I'm happy again playing a card game that suits me!

    Props to Lord of the Rings LCG of Fantasy Flight too because i neve...
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    Quill & Tankard Regular and also one of the Theory Crafters.
    2012 judge at Stahleck
    2013 judge at Finnish Nationals
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  • mathiasfricot
    Mathias has been playing A Game of Thrones: The Card Game for a little over a year and a half. As a student at the University of Ottawa, he didn't get as much time to play as he would have liked, but hopes that writing some articles on CardgameDB will let him share his love of the game, the novels, and Westeros. As the stereotypical casual player he leans towards Stark more often than anywhere else, but come tournament time there is no telling what he will sleeve up. Much more familiar with the casual side of the game, he hopes to bring a lot to the table with Beheading Ned, a column centered on capturing the flavor of the novels. Good luck, and good gaming!
  • mathlete