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Agonizer of Bren

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Agonizer of Bren

Agonizer of Bren

Type: Attachment
Faction: Dark Eldar
Cost: 1
Shields: 3
Signature/Loyalty: Signature Icon
Traits: Wargear. Weapon.

Attach to an army unit.
Attached unit gets +1 ATK for each Khymera token you control.

The Beastmaster Bren created these Agonizers to lead packs of Khymerae into battle.

Set: Core Set Number: 103 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Matt Bradbury
Other Cards in Signature Squad 005
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3 Shield Icons, doesn`t matter what else it does, that alone is enough for 5 stars

This attachment is very disappointing to me. It can't be attached to your Warlord, and while the effect is potentially strong it won't necessarily be in play for an extended period. I still give it 3 stars thanks to its shield icons, but this really doesn't stack up to other signature combat attachments like Cybork Body or Tallassarian Tempest Blade.

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i agree its not the best signature attachment but it can boost 2-3 dmg with no problems, and 3 shields is enough for me to give it a good rating :)

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Incredible attachment for sure. 4/5 because when it could be put on more than just army it would have been 5/5.

If you've got enough Khymera out for it to be good, then you're usually already in control of the game - if not you might get some mileage out of it on a Mandrake before the Khymera start dying. It's a bit too much of a "win more" card. I almost always play it as shields (for which it is very useful given DE's squishiness).

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Jan 07 2015 04:33 PM

At a first glance I thought "Bren should choose weapons in a better way".

Base rating is 4/5 since it has 3 shields. One costed is underpriced for its effect, since you can gain advantage of your kymeras even if they're not present on the planet.

Downsides: DE army units are too fragile to invest one attachment on them. You'll always end up using it as shields. Sad but true 1: the logical bearer (Kith) cannot use it.

Sad but true 2: mandrakes likes this weapon. Even thought they cannot withstand more than two slaps.



Always used as shields.


2/5 (I review signature cards comparing to other signature cards)