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Battle Cry

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Battle Cry

Battle Cry

Type: Event
Faction: Orks
Cost: 3
Shields: 2
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Power.

Play only during a battle.
Combat Action: Each [ORK] unit you control gets +2 ATK until the end of the battle.

Set: Core Set Number: 70 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Sergio Camarena Bernabeu
Recent Decks Using This Card:
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3 cost is steep, but the card is insane and has 2 shields, an auto include in all Ork decks.

This can be a very powerful (if expensive) effect and is coupled with 2 shield icons if you need help early game instead. I strongly recommend this card.

This card I am looking down on mostly for flavor. How can you not name this card WAAGH!!!! Battle cry is a powerful card but loses some mental impact of power because of the name. 


What can I say, im a little petty. 

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Ork staple for sure that also leads to winning battles in a devastating way. 5/5 for me.

Jan 07 2015 05:57 PM

Pros: WAAGH!, 2 shields

Cons: it cost 3.

It is a staple for Orks, but i feel it will be used as shield 50% of the times.


What does play only during a battle mean? I thought Combat Actions were only during battles anyway.

There are windows during Combat Phase that aren't in battles: a window before first planet begins, a window before checking whether a battle will happen, a window before end of phase.  You can't Battle Cry during these windows.

Cosly, but very powerfull. And 2 shields. Auto include in orks.

An autoinclude back when 2-shielders were is short supply and when orks were lacking in worthwhile supports, but now hard decisions need to be made with regards as to what to include and cut.


Still makes it into most ork decks, but is no longer always present.

I'll point out to those who are not convinced by this card that Empower has the exact same cost, same requirement, same shield value and it is played widely is Eldar.

To which I'd counter that Empower was also a card that was widely valued when Eldar had limited access to great non-Unit cards (Isha and Nullify aside, plus Archon's Terror for DE alliance) and which even then was a card that not everyone ran, though I went 3x at that time.


In current Eldar decks, as of with this pack, the space for Empower is getting crowded. My own Eldar/tau deck at present runs 1x Empower, but I hovering over whether to drop it or not.


In contrast, Battle Cry is out of my Nazdreg deck, and x3 in my Zogwort deck.


Don't misunderstand me: both are strong cards worthy of consideration of inclusion, but the card pool has reached the stage that there are barely any "auto-includes" left.

I don't think this card is NEEDED in most cases. Orks already have a crap ton of attack and 3 cost is steep. You better of just get self damaging cards instead.

If I have this in play early in combat, and lets say I use Zogwort, and create some Snotlings after it is played, do they get plus 2 attack as well?

No, afraid not. Lasting effects are created at the time of the ability triggering, and later arrivals don't benefit.


I'll find the RRG reference for you shortly.

RRG: p7, 3rd bullet point on "Event Cards".


This also has implications on cards like Empower.

With Old Zoggwort the snotling tokens also receive the bonus, played at the right time this card wins a game.

Dec 14 2015 02:05 PM
From a card efficiency POV, how many units need to get the bonus to make the 3 cost worth it?
Dec 14 2015 02:28 PM

From a card efficiency POV, how many units need to get the bonus to make the 3 cost worth it?


I usually aim for 3-4. 

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This probably isn't the answer you want, but I think it's another case of "it depends". If a single +2 Atk wins you the planet, or bloodies a Warlord, the answer could be as little as 1.

The thing to do is work out the battle maths and see what difference it will make in terms of units alive/dead and who wins the battle and then decide in the current economy (which will be different for every game and even at different stages of a game) and with the current board state, is it worth 3R and a 2-shield card, or can you get more out of those resources and shields some other way.

So, maybe playing Battle Cry means you'll kill some problematic units before they run away. Maybe it means you save a couple of your big units by killing things more efficiently, maybe it means you win the planet. None of these payoffs are intrinsically tied to a threshold of X units being buffed.

Ther's also an element of opportunity cost to be considered. Sometimes it looks like a tempting play, but holding it back to what you know will be a key battle or where you might have a good opportunity to simply kill the enemy warlord with it later, might actually be the better play.
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Dec 14 2015 06:07 PM

I appreciate the "it depends" answer. I just wanted to read people's thinking on the card.


The general view is that Ork events cost too much and are not "tricky" enough to be really useful. I'm curious how people decide when it is worth the 3 resources to play this card, given that prevailing view.


Since so many other decks have ways to change the battle math in significant ways, I find it hard to figure out in advance how things will turn out, and, hence, I find it hard to calculate when the right time to play this card is. I know this is an experience issue.

I agree with what GKZhukov said.

IMO, it's expensive, but what makes it less appealing is the fact that it is both expensive and requires some setup: it's going to win you big battles, but it won't help a lot for small ones, in which an Archon's Terror is immensly more powerful for a lower cost (and Squiggify too is better in those situations).

However, I like this card and find myself playing it for its effect surprisingly often. If you're interested in a benchmark, I'd say three units are what you'd want to get some real profit out of it, and if you have more than that it's gonna be great.

Ofc it's not that useful if your opponent has plenty of low-hp units or if your units already are on the lower end of durability, so after all there are a few conditions that need to be met for it to work.

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Dec 27 2015 04:25 AM
Had a game where I played two of these in same battle. Yes, six resources, but there are few things as glorious as a WAAAGH fueled Snotling swinging for five. Five!

Often a x1-card, since Orks still lacks good 2-shield cards. Nice that everybody, including tokens and the Warlords gets the boost.