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Carnivore Pack

Carnivore Pack

Carnivore Pack

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Tau
Cost: 3
Attack Value: 3
Hit Points: 3
Command Icons:
Traits: Warrior. Kroot.

Interrupt: When this unit is destroyed, gain 3[RESOURCE].
After battle, the Kroot will consume the flesh of their enemies as well as their own dead, perserving their warrior spirits.

Set: Core Set Number: 152 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Jon Bosco
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It does certainly pay for itself later. But I'm not yet sure if 3 resources is too much to pay for this unit even the first time around.

It does certainly pay for itself later. But I'm not yet sure if 3 resources is too much to pay for this unit even the first time around.

I can kinda agree this guy seems a bit much since you may not get the 3 resources back if your opponent chooses not to attack him. That said, giving them the Ion Rifle attachment would make them more worthwhile.

Aug 22 2014 12:56 PM

I disagree, we pay 4 for the Stingwings and they're 3/3 ranged. I'm perfectly happy paying for a 3/3 unit that my opponent will think twice about killing. If he doesn't, then it means I get extra free attack at 3 (or higher, depending on upgrades) and if he kills them, then that can fuel a deception or an exterminatus or just a larger unit next turn. This is a bluff, stall and investment unit. Seems perfect for Tau to me. 

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This is card is good, you just don`t realize how good until you are forced to try and kill it and then you realize both you and your opponent are down a card, but they are up 3 resources and you have nothing.


If only it had command icons too...

This card is nuts good, I run it in either SM or Eldar
Aug 30 2014 07:55 AM
The lack of command icons is a shame, but it's well balanced by the fact you recoup your investment when destroyed.

3 resources for a 3/3 is pretty standard too; I don't see why people are complaining about that.

3 for a 3/3 (or thereabouts) is standard if they have an icon and a useful ability-- see for instance Blood Angels Veterans. This card doesn't have an icon, but perhaps makes up for it with an extra-strong ability? Time will tell, but this seems somewhat on the weak side for me.

If I can get these out for 2 with the Launch Bay and just throw them into a fight as token resistance, then that's fine. I have plenty of other units winning Command Struggle. These guys are here to fight. I'll put 'em on a first planet that seems like neither of us want just to contest it. Enemy commits to it I may get in a swing but even if not, I get my money back and forced him to react to my play. Or I win the planet straight up.

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Pays back for itself but nothing to incredible. 3/5. Is often reviewed better because of how well Tau currently does in the meta but this card does not see any real decks for a reason.

Jan 09 2015 07:04 PM

0/3/3 for three is sad due to its lack of command icon. Beeing command relevant would be useful to lure opponent's warlord and gain 3 resources for the premature diparture (plus 3 damage). Sadly, Tau and Eldar doesn't have all this craving for resources.

Great potential, interesting card, but in the wrong faction.


Mar 08 2015 06:31 PM
I find these guys useful for just harassing a warlord and getting payed for it later when the carnivores die. You don't loose any resource but if they manage to wound a warlord it's pretty much permanent. It sets you up for something better down the road around mid game when I will probably need it,I like it in Ragnar decks where this is the focus.
Mar 08 2015 06:48 PM
..works in tau decks too

Upon further review these guys might be useful in a deck that focuses on Elites and big units. When the Kroot die they can help pay for one of your larger units on the next deploy phase. And they might get a good hard hit in before they buy the farm.

Didn't like this card much in core, but I run 3x out of Aun'shi.


A few emergent synergies that weren't apparent till I tried the card:


First, decent attack values are hard to come by in Aun'shi decks, and its hard to get mileage out of Aun'shi's ability without good card abilities.


Second, there's a strong synergy with Aun'ui Prelate. Essentially, instead of setting aside 4 resources for the Prelate, you set aside 1 Resource from the Prelate and play this. The Pack fights a bit, then when it dies you can ambush the Prelate in.


This is a great planet 1 card, preferably played from turn 2 onwards, but Tau command is efficient enough that even if you play it on Turn 1, the remaining 4 resources might still generate 6 command icons between them.

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A first planet fighter, and a very good include in necrons.