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Daring Assault Squad

Daring Assault Squad

Daring Assault Squad

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Space Marines
Cost: 4
Attack Value: 3
Hit Points: 3
Command Icons: 1
Traits: Soldier. Blood Angels.

Area Effect (2). (When this unit attacks it may instead deal its Area Effect damage to each enemy unit at this planet.)

Set: Core Set Number: 16 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: GW Design Studio
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Aug 12 2014 11:42 PM

This is pretty expensive and will be an obvious target when it hits a planet for combat.

It's expensive for a reason... it has the potential to wipe out the opposition on it's own... and if everything is focused on it then your other units will be somewhat safe.  I have a feeling it will be worth it's cost.

Death on a stick! wow...

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AoE 2 is worth the 4 cost, the 3/3 body and 1 command are all a bonus. This card will devastate a horde 

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AoE 2 is very powerful and can win battles on its own in some matchups. The rest of the card isn't great, but AoE 2 sure is.

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I feel this card should be rated 4.5/5, it's fantastic, only overshadowed by Bloodletters who cost 5 and can't have attachments so there's that. Only downside is it's 3 behind. If it was 2/4. Wowzers...

Jan 09 2015 08:50 PM

Great, it only lacks 1HP or 1 command for perfection. However 4 cost is far from beeing an autoinclude.


Include this in a Shadowsun deck, throw a gun Drone on it with Ambush Platform and you have a AoE 4 Squad. On a well populated planet with initiative and BOOM. Sounds pretty good to me.

gun drone does not work with Ambush Platform as its a unit not an attachment.

It actually does work on Gun Drones as strange as that sounds.  That's the current ruling anyway.  Basically anything that can go into play as an attachment works with Ambush Platform.

Ssjevot is correct. Gun Drones specifically says you may deploy the card as an attachment.


To be more accurate, Ambush Platform lets you deploy as an attachment any card that can be deployed as an attachment.


Check this tutorial:



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Are these guys not worth running at least as a 1 of?

Oh, they sure are, but this meta doesn't like units that cost more than 3, and SM/their allies already have very efficient AoE in Tactical Squad Cardinis (also Gun Drones for Tau).

Nov 03 2015 08:01 AM

I play 2 of them in my straken deck

They're also highly telegraphed as the only way to cheat them into play would be with Maxos. AoE is a lot less scary when your opponent knows it's there and can react to it. Cardinis has the advantage that it can be dropped in via DPA as a surprise move and completely swing the course of a battle.

I like to run a copy in Shadowsun as a finisher. You can never have too much AOE, and with attachments no them for more HP or more AE they do a great job. Some would advocate Sa-cea Broadsides instead, I find them a bit too pricey.

One of the really good Space Marine armies which doesn't see much play, due to it's inability to fit inside a drop pod. Now, with more deep striking, this card may see the light of day again. Most other faction would play this hands down.