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Dire Mutation

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Dire Mutation

Dire Mutation

Type: Attachment
Faction: Chaos
Cost: 1
Shields: 1
Traits: Curse. Tzeentch.

Ambush. (You may deploy this card during the combat phase.)
Attach to an army unit.
Forced Interrupt: When attached unit exhausts, deal it 1 damage.

Set: Core Set Number: 97 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Scott Purdy
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Does this take effect resolve before the unit deals its damage?  In other words if the unit has one health and exhausts does it die before it deals damage.



Since it is an interrupt it deals damage before the attack resolves, so yes,  1 health unit attacks with this card attached it will die before it can deal damage (unless a shield is played).

Dire Mutation is attached to a unit at HQ. That unit follows its Warlord to a planet where Zarathur is also assigned. When the unit exhausts, does it get 1 or 2 damage? In other words, does a unit exhaust before or after it arrives at the planet?

Dire Mutation is attached to a unit at HQ. That unit follows its Warlord to a planet where Zarathur is also assigned. When the unit exhausts, does it get 1 or 2 damage? In other words, does a unit exhaust before or after it arrives at the planet?


RRG page 24:  Other units are exhausted when they arrive at the planet. (A unit that is already exhausted also arrives in an exhausted state.)


The unit would get 2 damage.  One damage from Dire Mutation and One from Zarathur's bonus.


Also, if a unit is already exhausted in the HQ (and thus, is committed to the planet exhausted) Dire Mutation would not trigger as a unit would not 're-exhaust' (also not triggering Zarathur).

I should have provided a bit more background on my confusion:


RRG p. 24: "Other units are exhausted when they arrive at the planet..."


RRG p. 16, The Word "When": The word “when” refers to a game occurence that is underway but not yet concluded. Most interrupt card abilities use the word “when” to specify the timing of their triggering condition.


I am sure your interpretation is correct, but it seems like they could have just said, "...after they arrive..."


RRG p. 3, The Word "After": The word “after” refers to a game occurence that has just been concluded.


Thanks for the reply!

The RRG definition is designed to explain that the word "when" is special when used in a card ability. It's not meant to be applied everytime "when" is used throughout the rules, otherwise we're all in a world of pain. Units don't exhaust after they arrive because that implies they arrive ready and then exhaust, which they don't - they exhaust at the exact moment they arrive, ie when they arrive (using the normal everyday english usage of when). Meaning they don't exhaust before they arrive either.

Great Tzeentch card that also works very well with the current Chaos decks. I believe it's a 3/5 normally but a 4/5 with Zarathur.

Jan 09 2015 09:07 PM

I don't like it for beeing Tzeentch traited. I usually want my Shrine to get me back a Flamestorm or a Flamer. However it is a cheap removal.


The good thing about this card is that you can kind of control your opponent with it, very good against space marines or eldar who want you to play their game. In my opinion chaos lack good events and such that control the game well. Space marines have fury of sicarus, indomitable, drop pods, crushing blow etc, eldar have nullify and all of that bs. This adds some control that chaos desperately needs. Potential 2 damage is absolutely insane for 1 cost. They attack you, they get damaged. It's really good for 1 cost. I would've expected it to cost 2.

This is so good when attached on the eldar warlord. MY GOD IS IT GOOD!

I don't want to burst your bubble, but I have to: ''Attach to an Army unit''


You can't attach it to a warlord.

As an "amusing" aside (well it amused me anyway), I placed this on my opponent's Land Raider which then protected it from 3 damage (+1 thanks to Zarathur's presence) when I threw down a Warpstorm a few turns later. One instance were this attachment can actually offer a bit of protection! :)

Any particular reason you put it on such a burly unit that can afford to just ignore the damage for multiple turns? Put it on a weaker unit and you burn it out quickly. Put it on a Land Raider and it becomes a mosquito.
Well there was already a couple of damage on it and as it was already party of the warlord train it was damaging itself as party of the commit process. Couple that with Zarathur boosting the damage it didn't last long.
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Makes sense to me! Also worth noting that when you play Zarathur, Land Raiders are a real pain, as they block plaguebearers and flamers from being used efficiently, so removing it is a high priority.

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Make sure to warp storm first! I prefere firestorm, with two shield and you can do more damage if you can afford it. Play it against voltrons.