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Type: Event
Faction: Eldar
Cost: 4
Shields: 1
Traits: Power.

Deploy Action: Destroy each non-unique unit at each player’s HQ.
‘I have seen the future, and it is death.” -Farseer Avenelle

Set: Core Set Number: 141 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Clint Langley
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Valar Morgulis for 40K?, feels like if you need to play this card you might already be to far behind....

yea this is a whole turns of resources. however, in every game resets are important so hard to say. 

This is the Catch Up mechanic for Eldar...since you're the one holding it, just plan accordingly and OUCH!

I just wanted to add that when you do a combined Dark Eldar/Eldar deck this works really well with all those Dark Eldar Rout effects. 

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This card is very good for comebacks. I suspect that it will see significantly more play once Eldar get a more aggressive Warlord.

Boardsweepers, always a 4/5.

Jan 09 2015 09:09 PM

Cards like Doom makes non-aggro archetipe possible. I would play it even if had costed 5 or 6.


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An excellent card. You opponent has only 2 options:

A ) Nullify

B ) Cry

Skilled players lure the opponent into a big doom. Skilled players also sees this coming. In other words, a great bluff card.