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Drop Pod Assault

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Drop Pod Assault

Drop Pod Assault

Type: Event
Faction: Space Marines
Cost: 2
Shields: 2
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Tactic.

Combat Action: Target a planet where a battle is taking place. Search the top 6 cards of your deck for a [Space Marine] unit with printed cost 3 or lower. Put that unit into play at the targeted planet, and place the remaing cards on the bottom of your deck in any order.

Set: Core Set Number: 24 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Matt Bradbury
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Nothing better than dropping unexpected units into a combat.  Space Marines seem to have a lot of good 3 cost units.  Probably not a coincidence.  

Great ability + 2 shields. What's not to like?

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Fantastic card allround, free dudes, 2 shields, Combat Action and the dude gets to stay?! 5/5

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Can you drop units into combat when at the beginning of the battle (second planet) opponet has a leader and you have no units on this planet? Or he automatcally wins because he has no opponents? And another question: can you drop units onto first planet when at the beginning of the battle there are no units at all?

Yes to both. There is an action window between the beginning of combat and when the opponent attacks.

It is a gamble to do that when the opponent has units present unless you have initiative, as he will get to strike your unit, and if he kills it in 1 you have wasted your resources. About the only units you can drop that are likely to survive are the Banglevet and the Chosen, and the latter probably won't trigger their ability so you lose out there.

I love dropping in an Honored Librarian or Blood Angels Veterans -- and it has two shields? This card is a deck.

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Jan 09 2015 09:12 PM

A little risky and randomic. But surprise is always welcomed. Plus it has 2 shields.


What if you play this card and look at the 6 first cards and there is no space marine troop? wasted and nothing happens?

Distra: If you build your deck right, you will always have a space marine unit in the deck running drop pod.


SM has many amazing 3 drops, without those it wouldnt be a good SM deck

What if you play this card and look at the 6 first cards and there is no space marine troop? wasted and nothing happens?

Nothing happens in that case :)

And ultimate26 is right - unless you build your deck in a very nonsensible way there's only a low possibility of that outcome.



You can work out your hit odds with that calculator: something I always do with all SM decks I build.


This card misses often enough to make it a play you only make when you have to. Fortunately 2-shields excuses a lot of inconsistency.

Often enough? With 25 units in a 50 card deck, you have a 98.9 of hitting at least one unit with it. But it is yet another reason not to include too many 1/0/1 neutrals in an SM deck.

If it was limited and 1 shield, it would be very powerful.