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Even the Odds

Even the Odds

Even the Odds

Type: Event
Faction: Tau
Cost: 1
Shields: 1
Traits: Tactic.

Action: Move a target attachment to another eligible unit controlled by the same player.
When faced with greater numbers, the Tau military tactic of Kauyon instructs a commander to ambush their foe by luring them into the open.

Set: Core Set Number: 162 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Ilich Henriquez
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Aug 22 2014 01:07 PM

Could be used to move Suffering to a different unit, either one with a low or negligible attack value or even to a unit who's about to die. Unfortunately you can't move it back to the DE player, which would be hilarious. You could also use it offensively to move attachments to weaker units who could be killed off easier or just crippling a monstrous unit. Like moving a Cybork Body off of a Gof Nob to a Grot Token. Might even kill the Gof Nob depending on what his health was at. 

Offensively this card allows you to double up on dangerous attachments, sharing an ion rifle or gun drones among your army is a powerful force multiplier that can swing some battles from near win/loss to overwhelming victory

I like using this to give a Rokkit Launcher to a unit that already has ranged (eg Ratling Sniper).

Can I move one of my opponent's attachement to one of my different unit, with this card??  

If you mean can you move an opponent's attachment that's attached to one of your own units to another unit you control, then the answer's yes. This ability doesn't restrict you to a card "you control".

Thx PBrennan that was what I meant! :) 

Jan 09 2015 09:41 PM

Sadly Tau has not so many event slots free for this card. I'd play it 2x for general surprise effect. For that cost and shields, I'd rather play another attachment.


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This card is my favorite Tau card right now. I run 2 and it's usually the swing card in a game if it's played.



A good trick, but a bit inconsistant. If it only had two shields...