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Fire Warrior Elite

Fire Warrior Elite

Fire Warrior Elite

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Tau
Cost: 3
Attack Value: 1
Hit Points: 5
Command Icons:
Traits: Soldier. Shas’la.

Interrupt: When an enemy unit would declare an attack against a unit you control at this planet, declare this unit as the defender instead.

Set: Core Set Number: 154 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Damien Mammoliti
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Aug 12 2014 11:48 PM

This card plus Fire Warrior Strike team is going to be potent. 

They'll take that hit...For the Greater Good! Tau are all about versatility and synergy, and these guys perfectly demonstrate that. Now, save up some shield cards in your hand to keep the FWE around and you're golden for probably the whole battle at their planet.

A nice target for Replusor Impact Field. Just shield down to one damage getting through every time and deal 2 back at the attack. Very nice.

These guys are simply awesome.  Attach either Repulsor Impact Field and/or Shadowsun's Stealth Cadre and you've got yourself a tanky unit!

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They are really an amazing snowball unit too, their ability works exhausted or not, and if they have a Repulsor Impact Field equipped are inflicting damage in that first round of combat, combined with experimental devilfish Tau may be the most effective snowball faction.

Currently can only rate this card 5/5 as the only real way to do something comparable is with the cost of cards, shields to be specific. Cards like these are fantastic for any battle but devastating for the lategame. When I lost to Tau with the Core set it was mainly because one of the Fire Warrior Elites hang around for far to long.


Funny note: This card is not Elite.

Jan 09 2015 09:54 PM

4/5 because the lacks command. Under every other aspect this card is great. They are the ideal receptacle for Repulsor Field.

Bodyguards are always welcome, but the stats are lacking.