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Haemonculus Tormentor

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Haemonculus Tormentor

Haemonculus Tormentor

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Dark Eldar
Cost: 4
Attack Value: 2
Hit Points: 4
Command Icons: 1
Traits: Scholar. Haemonculus.

Action: Pay 1[RESOURCE] to give this unit +2 ATK until the end of the phase.
No amount of agony can quench his thirst for suffering.

Set: Core Set Number: 106 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: GW Design Studio
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So, can you use this ability multiple times in one action window to make it stack (or in one phase at all?)

Yes, no limit other than how many resource you have.
Oct 07 2014 08:22 AM

crazy good!!!

Best aggressive card in the Dark Eldar book, probably one of the best in the game.

Jan 09 2015 10:24 PM

Theoretical a combat-winner. Testing reveals that usually DE have more cards than resources, so it sometimes laid somewhere as it is.


I was wondering if it might be worth it in Salaine Morn, with her resource engine, but I think my conclusion is that you're better off playing a Possessed instead.


I guess this guy could be an interesting command stall, if you've really got resources to burn...

I find that this guy is amazing in Baharroth who often has a hard time turning a crazy command presence into enough punch to win. If you know you will have initiative on that crucial planet you can save up all those resources for a massive swing at their warlord. It's been super successful for me

As an on-off fan of Infantry Conscripts, and as an on-off player of Rally the Charge decks I can appreciate the value of an overkill big ass attack. I take it you just run a 1-2 copies?

I usually run two. Baharroth has a pretty easy command time so if I draw these and I don't need them then I pretty quickly draw past into better stuff.They are so powerful with Eldar and nullify. The usual issues with this unit being routed or killed are helped by that. I also love Autarch Celachia in this deck so I usually have the unique unit out to exhaust. Granted they may have more archon's terror than you have nullifies but no strategy is perfect

A win-more card. Maybe of a x1 in some decks.