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No Mercy

No Mercy

No Mercy

Type: Event
Faction: Neutral
Cost: 0
Shields: 1
Signature/Loyalty: ---
Traits: Tactic.

Interrupt: When an opponent uses a shield card, exhaust a unique unit you control to cancel that card’s shielding effect.

Set: Core Set Number: 169 Quantity: 2
Illustrator: Dimitri Bielak
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The effect is powerful, but having to have a Unique card there - and have it ready, even - makes the usefulness very limited.

Aug 14 2014 06:33 PM

As a counterpoint, your Warlord is unique and has to be on the board every turn. He's also not likely the be the one dealing the damage they're trying to shield. 

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A shield can save a huge 6 costed guy unit of dying. So this can help a lot. Still not overpowered, so still good as everyone has access to this.

great card for decks that have a lot of token units. 

Very decent effect for what it does, currently has no real place but is worth a 3/5 for sure.

Jan 19 2015 09:32 PM

Everything is more than optimal, except the "bend your warlord" part.

I think this will have a place 1x in a lot of decks, but it will shine when Torquemada will come out (his attachment is unique and can be turned into a unit).

3/5 for now.

I think it's nice to have 1 No Mercy in the deck as a surprise element but no more. If you draw too many zero cost cards in a row - you have nothing to play and just waste your turn.

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A chaos marine killing a scarab without mercy...so scary...

gives an idea of how useless this card is ;)

I think it's nice to have 1 No Mercy in the deck as a surprise element but no more. If you draw too many zero cost cards in a row - you have nothing to play and just waste your turn.


I agree, 1 No Mercy is a good place to be, though I often agonise over what card to drop to make room for this.


Often a single shielding is the moment when the tide of a battle can turn. More importantly, often a single shielding is the brinksmanship play that your opponent was planning to make a battle that looked like you were going to win into one that she wins.


This card is valuable not so much because of its costing (1 card and an exhausted warlord is high for an effect so simple) but more for the surprise value and brinksmanship play, and the fact that unlike many combat-turning surprise plays (Isha, DPA, Archon's Terror, etc.) you don't have to hold back anything except the card when you're looking for the opportunity to use it.


So with you on this Zolombo, 1x is an include in three out of four decks, in my mind. 4/5

Nothing wrong with including this card once but there are very few actual windows for this.


Much like the Big Goff Choppa this card can become important during the very late stages of the game altough I can't rate it 4/5 because of that simply because during the later stages of the game tapping your Warlord can only be more risky.


Again there is still nothing wrong with this card, in special not when running it once. But I can't rate it higher as 3/5 even with the newer Warpacks bringen more 2 shield icon cards to the game. 

Can use with Aun'shi during a battle upstream of him (ie battle at Planet 1, Aun'shi at planet 2), gives his friends a 2nd round of Armorbane at his planet.

Could see some game, shame Tau already has very consistent events for the available slots.


No Mercy can be a nightmare, though, alongside Kauyon Strike to have Armourbane wherever you need.

Everytime I use this card feels like a big thing is entering in my opponent's butt, painful and glorious

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For the deck that can slot it in, this is golden.