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Kroot Hunting Rifle

Kroot Hunting Rifle

Kroot Hunting Rifle

Type: Attachment
Faction: Tau
Cost: 2
Shields: 1
Traits: Wargear. Kroot.

Deep Strike (0) (Deploy this card facedown for 1[Resource]. When a battle begins, you may pay this card’s Deep Strike value to turn it faceup.)
Attach to an army unit you control.
Reaction: After attached unit destroys an enemy unit by an attack, gain 1[Resource].

Set: Against the Great Enemy Number: 104 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Aurelien Hubert
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Weaker version of Cato in an attachment. Helps Vezuel a lot with resources, nice with Aun'shi as teh armourbane makes it fairly reliable to predict when you will get the benefits.

Nice on Shadowsun in combination with AoE. You don't HAVE to deep strike it, after all.


That;s quite combo intense, but Shadowsun is good at combo intense.

So, if you use AoE to destroy 2 enemy units, you gain 2 resource?

AoE doesn't combo with "destroy by an attack".

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EDIT- See later post

yes, you would gain 2 resource, however I am scratching my head how a sniper rifle grants resources in the first place...


So if I attach it to Sa’cea XV88 Broadside, I can potentially gain a lot of resources? Especially against Khymeras?

Full Backpedal sorry all


from the Rules Reference guide pg3

This damage is considered to be dealt by a card effect. It is not considered to be dealt by the attacker’s attack, but it is being dealt while the unit with Area Effect is attacking. After the Area Effect ability has resolved, the attack is over.

Which means you cant go hunting with an area effect and expect to get any resources....

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It's nice they released this card along with stealth cadre. If you lack 1-2 resources, you just kill someone, get the resources and deep strike the dude with 5 ATK!

AoE doesn't combo with "destroy by an attack".


Damn, I read "during". Doh.

Sep 15 2016 08:40 AM

It's nice they released this card along with stealth cadre. If you lack 1-2 resources, you just kill someone, get the resources and deep strike the dude with 5 ATK!

If you lack 1 resource for the stealth squad, you could afford it by not playing the rifle!

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Sep 15 2016 11:04 AM

Like Blacksun filter, only weaker?


Well, there are some very specific combos that can make this "work", but then again you could say that about pretty much any card. Is it just me or is this card pretty much completely useless?


EDIT: Doh, forgot about Vezuel's ability, my bad :) I guess the card is better than what I gave it credit for.

I like it a lot. It helps generating more resources for Vezuel which works nicely with his card advantage.

Sep 15 2016 06:04 PM

There it is.  I like this card.

Yeah, works for Vezuel, mostly because Vezuel just wants every halfway usabel deep strike card in reach.

In Vezuel you're paying 1 card and 1 resource for a card (and a deploy delay) when it's deep strike is used. After it triggers once, it covers its cost completely. On paper that seems like a decent combination, but it's still nothing overwhelming. The main benefit it has is in the bluff, since your opponent doesn't know what the card is when it's in reserve, but for that to matter you need to be playing a deep strike heavy deck, such as Vezuel.

​It will be interesting to see how it plays out in tests, but my hopes aren't too high outside Vez

Sep 17 2016 09:41 AM

For Vezuel, it raises the density of targets for ECT whilst ending up cost neutral and being a perfectly viable bluff. I like it.