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Scion Strike Force

Scion Strike Force

Scion Strike Force

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Astra Militarum
Cost: 5
Attack Value: 3
Hit Points: 4
Command Icons: 2
Traits: Soldier. Elite.

Deep Strike (3) (Deploy this card facedown for 1[Resource]. When a battle begins, you may pay this card’s Deep Strike value to turn it faceup.)

Set: Jungles of Nectavus Number: 4 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Shen Fei
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wow just stop with the good cards for astra plz

Eh. A 2/3/4 with Ranged for 5 (with the option of deep striking for 4)? It's great, but other stuff is still better.


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Jun 14 2016 05:10 AM

In a vacuum, yeah it sucks for the cost. But with Vostroyan and backlash, you have a ranged unit that you can't nudge. Equip him with something painful and he'll deter warlord commits.

plus with worr this guy is a 2/4/4 that is ranged, easily worth it :) tho as a deep strike, his command value is pointless


still getting to terms with timing here tho, will this guy be deep striked at the start of the battle and then be able to do his ranged?



Post #6, middle image should explain.

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I think this card is good and enables some interesting combo decks, but not exactly over the top.

Could also be interesting in Starblaze. Effectively 4 cost unit that can swing in the Ranged phase then switch out for a Crisis Battle Suit

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