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Valkyris Pattern Jump Pack

Valkyris Pattern Jump Pack

Valkyris Pattern Jump Pack

Type: Attachment
Faction: Space Marines
Cost: 2
Shields: 2
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Wargear.

Deep Strike (0) (Deploy this card facedown for 1[Resource]. When a battle begins, you may pay this card’s Deep Strike value to turn it faceup.)
Attach to an army unit you control.
Attached unit gains Flying.

Set: Jungles of Nectavus Number: 2 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Jessada Sutthi
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Finally a jump pack for Space Marines.. Not that they are in need of help in particular, but thematically it's awesome :D

I like this card seems real good attached to the myriad of terminator units we have but attaching it to terminators seems really....un-thematic....

    • LoricatusLupus and OrangeGuy like this
Jun 13 2016 08:49 PM

You can also put them on White Scars Bikers.  So that's a fun image.  Bikes leaping around.


I like the idea of putting jump packs on Crisis Suits.  That sounds fun and thematic.  Too bad the card is loyal so it would have to be a SM deck that yields flying Crisis Suits.

    • BobaFett likes this

good call lol

I think the funniest would be to attach it to a Penal Legionaire or an Earth Caste Technician. Would most likely crush the poor buggers under its weight

I am just going to put this on a firedrake terminators and say gg :)

    • Ultramarine and OrangeGuy like this

better pack some backlash....

    • OrangeGuy likes this

Have fun grinding through a deathwing guard with one of these on XD