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Squiggoth Brute

Squiggoth Brute

Squiggoth Brute

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Orks
Cost: 6
Attack Value: 5
Hit Points: 9
Command Icons:
Traits: Creature. Elite.

No Attachments. Brutal.
Reaction: After the combat phase begins, each enemy army unit at this planet loses all keywords until the end of the phase.

Set: Slash and Burn Number: 51 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Guillaume Ducos
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Seems really strong. No command hammers are a thing, but I wouldn't want to face this turn one with Tarrus as planet one without a Terror, Klaivex, Squiggify, Power from Pain or Inquisitorial Fortress or something..

Or planet one being Y'varn and then the opponent drops a second Squiggoth. Talk about Elite bullying..


Squiggifying it would be hilarious though :D

Rules thread, for reference: http://www.cardgamed...ns/#entry279241

Aug 18 2016 10:47 PM
Epic counter to Nazdreg. Suddenly all his units are just tough...
Aug 19 2016 12:03 AM
Still waiting on the interaction with Areav of Effect but I love this guy!

This guy is hilarious. It can take a Possessed to the face with minimal shields then swing back for silly amounts that even flying will rarely stop (only a Heldrake/set up Bloodthirster would survive 13 to the face, short of Indomitables, Clearcut Refuges (probably still with shields) or Y-factors). The ability is more of a bonus rather than the reason it's useful

Aug 19 2016 03:55 AM
And the Helldrake wouldn't even have flying! :P

After getting my ass kicked by a couple of these, my estimation of them has gone from "yeah, they seem pretty decent" to "holy crap how do you even fight them?"


If you can't exhaust or rout them, you have to be really careful. Taking 5 to the face is not a *huge* deal, but then you start pounding on it, and then its brutal kicks in, and as soon as it readies, it'll hit hard enough to send your warlord or another key unit into orbit. And it'll still have a healthy chunk of HP left.


And of course, you can't wear it down in ranged because it zaps all your keywords!

And the Helldrake wouldn't even have flying! :P


I keep forgetting that this guy actually has an ability :P. I just like him for being a 5/9 Brutal unit 

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Also the bloodthirster would lose the flying!!!
Also the bloodthirster would lose the flying!!!
Also the bloodthirster would lose the flying!!!

Important enough to stress three times.

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