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“Old One Eye”

“Old One Eye” “Old One Eye”

“Old One Eye”

Type: Warlord Unit
Faction: Tyranids
Attack Value: 2
Hit Points: 6

Traits: Creature. Behemoth.

Reaction: After this warlord readies, remove half the damage from it. (Limit once per round.)

Set: The Great Devourer Number: 1 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Alberto Bontempi
Other Cards in Signature Squad 015
Block Stats:
# Units: 4
Total Cost: 14
Average Cost:
Total Command Icons: 5
Total Shield Icons: 5
Recent Decks Using This Card:
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Sep 06 2015 04:16 PM
Round meaning game round. Not combat round. So once per turn basically.

Much less powerful, but still highly useful
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I'm pretty sure there is no such things as a game round.

nvm last comment. I was confused between turns and rounds.

It would be awesome if they could upload the bloodied side of this warlord and the swarm lord aswell.

bloodied OOE have 1/6, swarmlord - 2/5

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I've played some people that seam to think that the limit is once per combat round (which seams absurd to me). Is there any where I can point them to where this issue is clarified?

Halving/doubling modifiers are rounded up if fractional correct? So just so I'm clear, if OOE have 5 damage after the first combat round he removes 2,5 damage rounded up is 3 correct? So he would have 2 damage after he readies?
Kjsd- only thing I could find was page 20 in rules reference. It refers to game rounds, phases (deploy, command, combat, hq) and finally player turns in each of the phases. So I would read it that round can only refer to each game round. It would say "limit once per conbat turn" to heal multiple times in the combat phase. Cimadon - page 6 in rules reference seems to indicate always rounding up. So I would agree with you.

@Cimadon:  that is correct always round up in conquest.

OOE's ability is permitted once per "round" - a round consists of the 4 game phases (Deploy, Command, Combat and HQ). If the ability was once per combat round it would have to specify "combat round". This is from the rules - its close enough to explain properly!
p6: RRG
End of the Round
The phrase “end of the round” refers by default to the game round. Any effect that aims to reference the end of a combat round must specify “combat round.”
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How strong is this card? His ability seem a bit underwhelming to me as you can only remove half of the damage meaning that he will always have some on him. Or is it viable to just claim say 2 damage per round and then removing half every time so that he stays at 1 damage?

Halves are rounded up, so he can always fully heal if given enough turns. His ability is pretty decent, but the signature squad is really what makes him good. Lurking Hormagants and Ferocious Strength are both really good cards.

Halves are rounded up. So he will heal completely eventually.

Jul 18 2016 06:03 PM
Feel sorry for this guy: his ability lies in combat, but he's so weak even compared with non-fighty warlords that he just gets smashed early on. One of my friends uses him with an infest deck, but even playing him able to remove damage once per combat round usually sees him getting bloodied : [