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Autarch Celachia

Autarch Celachia

Autarch Celachia

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Eldar
Cost: 4
Attack Value: 3
Hit Points: 3
Command Icons: 1
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Warrior. Autarch. Ulthwe.

Action:Pay 1[Resource] to give this unit one of the following keywords until the end of the round (choose one): Area Effect (1), Armorbane, or Mobile. (Limit once per round.)

Set: The Great Devourer Number: 60 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Mariusz Gandzel
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Such versatility. Such, such versatility. How can you go wrong? Not right for every eldar deck but it could be. It could be. 5/5

Expensive, but of late most of my Eldar decks have not been short of resources, and its not like you have to use the ability every turn - often the threat of it is sufficient.
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Here's the problem:


Eldorath comes with a 3 cost signature squad already, and I'll be damned if Wildrider squadron isn't a *much* better t1 play than this guy. Yes, you can run into a lot of resources with Eldorath, but you will also play games where the command rewards are more card based. Factor in Warlock Destructor upkeep (hey, it happens) and I worry that you'll be hard pressed to keep a strong economy going.


He is another nullify target, but you'll generally want the nullify reaction cost paid by a guy at a later planet that is hopefully a command bread winner..which is the opposite of what the Autarch's style.


Wraithguard out of box are a more cost effective armorbane "scare" unit


Wildrider Squadron is a much better roaming threat due to his super mobility combat action




He is immune to Archon's terror! Also, AE is really important for Eldorath,




I think I will be sticking to at least 1x for Eldorath at the time being, 

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That's fair. I think he goes in on the basis he is an easy swap for Erathal.
Aug 17 2015 09:02 AM

He's really expensive and overcosted. But his versatility can be a trump card sometimes.



Aug 17 2015 09:58 AM
I think 3/5 as a standalone unit due to the cost/HP difference, but a 4/5 for elder as they seem to have a bigger need for an additional unique unit for things like Nullify.

I think 3/5 as a standalone unit due to the cost/HP difference, but a 4/5 for elder as they seem to have a bigger need for an additional unique unit for things like Nullify.

Don't agree, you don't want this guy to exhaust for Nullify. You want him to beat hard.

Of course using him for nullify is an option, but not the best one.

I was originally excited when this card was spoilt, and firmly on the 'such versatility' bandwagon. However, since the reveal my opinion has cooled considerably. Not only is he just so inefficient cost wise, but including him requires some serious reworking of the upper curve of the deck as a whole.

Most 'competitive' Eldar decks are running 2x Doom and 3x Wildrider Squadron. In order to squeeze this card in then something is gonna have to be given up from these 4R slots, and I'm just not convinced it's worth trimming this package for Celachia.

At the moment I'd personally rate him as a 2/5, although I'm expecting to be seeing him in a lot of deck lists despite this.
Sep 29 2015 07:07 AM
I love to tell people "I was right". So here it comes: I was right.

(let me gloat a bit before I'll remember every time I was wrong)

I put x1 in both of my Eldorath and Baharroth decks and see if he is worth the slot. I need an unique for Nullify anyway so he can come in handy, especially against all those swarm decks.

He is totally worth one copy for Baharroth, who normally has ample resources and trouble turning a resource advantage into game state win. However for Eldorath, I'm thinking not so much. 


The include or not in both decks is meta dependent of course, and if you see a lot of swarms, then the AoE 1 he provides is invaluable.

I liked this guy a lot in the preview, and after playing with him I still like him plenty. I have not felt cheated in any way when I was paying 1 resource for his ability. And being unique is a huge advantage in the meta dominated by Archon's Terror decks. I will always include at least 1 copy in my Eldar decks, and even 2 copies is perfectly fine. Rating: 4/5
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I put him in both of my Eldorath and Baharroth decks, and although I drew him in both games that I played I never paid for him once. The thing is, he might as well cost 5 since without spending that extra resource he is just an ordinary 3/3 with one hammer. I thought that since his ability requires a resource, he should cost 3 instead, much like we only pay 2 for Warlock Destructor but must also pay his upkeep every turn. 

The extra +1 is for flexibility and Unique. Otherwise, for sure, 3R for 1/3/3 is just middling and 4R is high.


Context is important here I think: Eldar decks often find themselves with an excess of late game resources, and this card can utilise those. 


The trick to good value here is to create situations where each turn at least keywords could be useful in different circumstances, depending on opposing action. 

At 3 cost this guy would be crazy good, at 4 he is balanced. Eldar don't need another super strong undercosted unit. They have very few weaknesses at the moment, and this guy handles one of them (swarm) pretty well..
I used a Baharroth deck with 2 x Celachia in yesterday, never regretted drawing her. I didn't use the ability every turn but over the games I played I did have a time where each of the options was good. Plus, Baharroth is so strong in command you often have resources to spare. Having played her now I rate her 4/5.
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Oct 28 2015 01:55 PM
At first I didn't releize he costed money, and thought, he's okay. Now, just no.

No in Eldorath maybe, but definetely yes in Baharroh. 

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You also need to consider the threat of possibly using one of the abilities. The opponent has to consider all this before making decisions.

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You also need to consider the threat of possibly using one of the abilities. The opponent has to consider all this before making decisions.


Especialy with the new toy: Shuriken Catapult (ambush attachement, +3Atk, warrior only) there will be some surprise 6 DMG Armorbane