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Dark Possession

Dark Possession

Dark Possession

Type: Event
Faction: Dark Eldar
Cost: 2
Shields: 1
Traits: Tactic. Torture.

Action: As your next Action this phase, you may play an event card in your opponent’s discard pile as if it were in your hand. (You pay its costs, choose its targets, and follow all restrictions.)

Set: The Great Devourer Number: 59 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Jacob Atienza
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2/5  I wanted to go 1/5 for this card, but it was a Torture and I have a soft spot for Urien.  That being said, it is just too expensive for its ability.  You are paying 2 + the cost of the card in the discard pile, but the truth is that there aren't very many events that you would be able to play.  So many events are either reactions/interrupts or faction specific.  I don't think you would get the full value of this card slot.

Even for Urien this is 1/5.


Best case scenario is Urien vs Urien, hardly a common match up, using Dark Possession to trigger a Torture in other Urien's discard pile. Even then you're playing 2R1C on top of the cost of that torture, and unless your'e already running 3 copies of every other torture event you may as well just be increasing your count of those.


Worse case scenario is that the opponent only ever plays events that you can't benefit from (DPA, Crushing Blow, and so on). Middle case scenario is they play an Event you can use, which you then over-pay for. 5R for Archon's Terror? PFFFT.


So even in its best case scenario, this card is absolute rubbish. Quite possibly the worst card in the game, worse even than Guardian Mesh Armour, worse even than Blight Grenades.

Did you really just put Blight Grenades in the same category as Guardian Mesh Armor and Dark Possession?  We obviously have very different units of measuring when it comes to "worst cards in the game"...

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Yeah, it's not that Blight Grenades are really bad per se, it's just that they lack good targets to use on.


On Dark Possession itself, I wonder why they didn't do it like Chain Reaction in SWLCG. That card basically copies a reaction effect, ignoring costs, restrictions allowing to choose new targets. Too powerful? Surely, the design team could have come with an easy way to restrict it a bit. Maybe making it 3 cost, for starters.

For sure, Blight Grenades might be good one day. Just judging them for the current meta.


Its a bit like Fall Back and No Mercy, which were 0x and 0-1x for most of their existence, but have gained a new lease of life through Tyranids. Sure, there were elite decks that used Fall Back, but they were few and far between. Now Fall Back is a not-rare card to see, and No Mercy is extremely common in Tyranids and with the new Uniques, pretty common in other decks.


Blight Grenades right now is trash, but one day it may shine.


But yeah, Dark Possession is worse that Blight Grenades in that not only is it useless now, but it will ALWAYS be useless.

Blight grenades are awesome. Tau pay 2 resources for Area 2 and is amazing. Chaos pay 1, and destroy his own unit (is Chaos ^^), for the same effect; plus it has a shield.

But indeed I agree that right now there are 2 problems:

1/ Lack of good nurgle army unit (However, Nurglings may become scary).

2/ The presence of the much more awesome Plague Beast.


Dark possession is too situational.... should be any discard pile.

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Granted that Urien reduces the cost of the event by one, but increases the cost of the event played by this by one (for almost all events that can be benefited from this card) it in essence means that for all warlords you're playing 2R 1C + R cost of the targetted event, which is overpriced and situational. I think that they should have added "Treat the Trait of the targetted event card as Torture and ignore all other Traits". That would have enabled Urien to, in essence, pay 1 card to be able to use an event he normally doesn't have access to, whilst keeping the card from being too powerful with Kith. Then it would have been useful.