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Shadow Field

Shadow Field

Shadow Field

Type: Attachment
Faction: Dark Eldar
Cost: 2
Shields: 2
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Wargear.

Attach to a [Dark Eldar] army unit.
Attached unit cannot be dealt damage by an army unit with printed cost 2 or lower.

Set: The Threat Beyond Number: 105 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Alexandr Elichev
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2 shields and  with current meta I think it's 5/5.

Unit can still be dealt with pretty easily (Archon's Terror, token attacks, Plaguebearers, Tzeentch's Firestorm, Warlord attack, etc).  On the surface, this one doesn't seem that great to me except for the 2 shields.  Depends on who you are playing against though.



Edit - sorry, thought it was "from an attack".

Correction, Plaguebearers cannot deal damage to Shadow Fielded unit (ie. they're cost 2 and everything cost 2 and lower cannot deal damage to shadow field, it doesn't say it has be from an attack). Everything else is correct though.

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This card will well equip DE decks facing all the tournament decks out there where 60%, 70% and even more of the cards in the deck cost 0, 1 and 2.

For me this card is a straight upgrade from Suffering for Dark Eldar. The card itself isn't amazing for it's cost (much like Suffering) but can do better as Suffering in the current meta that is dominated by many 0,1 and 2 drops. However due note that this does not effect Token units (or Warlords) in any way. As such:



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Way I look at it is this:


If the Shadow Fielded unit is the only unit at a battle, then your Warlord will kill it, unless the DE player has a tonne of shields to mess around with.


If the Shadow Fielded unit isn't the only unit at a a battle, then your other units can attack those other units, and the Warlord can still deal with that unit.


Either way, a Warlord commitment essentially negates this card for any Warlord that has at least 2 attack.


That said, Killax is right: its a straight -3 Suffering for +3 of this. Even if the effect is always answerable by tools already on the board, it could be occasionally useful for forcing a Warlord commit, and could be a massive benefit if opposing Warlord has good reasons not to want to turn up to that planet. Its the second best 2-shielder that DE have got, and 6x 2-shield is normally better than 3x 2-shield. My main worry though would be an Aun'shi heavy meta, in which case it could be hard to keep the Shadowed unit alive.

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The attached unit can normally be attacked though, right? Asking in case it is the only unit a 2-cost army unit can attack...

Yes. It can be declared as a defender during an attack. It just cannot have any damage dealt. (Side note: this means no damage is ever assigned in the first place. Important for things like Zarathur that interrupt/react to damage being assigned.)
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Apr 29 2016 02:35 AM

I played Ragnar against DE and he has put this on Solarite Avety's. I had about 4-5 units at planet 1. I had to retreat all of them because all my units were cost 2 or lower and he had other units to support Solarite Avety's.