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La Bella Luna

La Bella Luna

La Bella Luna

Seedy Restaurant
Type: Support Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Response: At the beginning of each opponent's turn, ready a Criminal character you control. If it is Day ready all Criminal characters you control.
Flavor Text: La Bella Luna was a 'multi-purpose' establishment.
Set: DotU
Number: 28
Illustrator: Mark Molnar


I've had such fun with this card and Crooked Attorney.

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I'm actually surprised that I haven't seen this card played too much, or that I haven't played it more. It was immediately compelling to me out of the box. This is effectively one won arcane struggle, and let's you somewhat ignore the arcane icon, which Syndicate is lighter on anyway. If you make it day then almost none of your characters need arcane on offense, freeing up some card slots for either more control or draw or perhaps even other stand effects.

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I have this is my deck from the denizens box

Abusing this with The Seventy Steps or The Seven Hundred Steps and Unending Festivities in a Day deck means you keep standing your criminals whilst your opponent only gets to ready one.


It also extends criminals who exhaust such as Clover Club Bouncer and Marine Salvager.

I agree on using it with Crooked Attorney, works very nicely and it doesn't ask much in the way of sacrifice.  What, you mean I have to run mostly Criminals?  And give up my incredible Night cards?  Sold!

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The potential to use Henry Knoll twice on your turn and the other player's is fun, too.

May 18 2015 11:32 PM

I think this is strongest in a Festivities deck (see above). Alleviates the need for arcane, but the card it's best with (Crooked Attorney) is already giving everyone arcane. Also it doesn't go cleanly with some of my favorite Syndicates, such as Henry Knoll or Tattoo Artist. I think it's probably best with Criminals like Marine Salvager and Danny O'Bannion's Crony.

Alleviates the need for arcane, but the card it's best with (Crooked Attorney) is already giving everyone arcane.


Ah, but that extra arcane is good for keeping the opponent's characters exhausted! And it's nearly always useful to ready another character at the start of an opponent's turn, even if you won arcane at all your stories.

Isn't "the beginning of each opponent's turn" inside the refresh phase?

Isn't "the beginning of each opponent's turn" inside the refresh phase?

Nope. It precedes that.

How does the day/night thing work? my friend and I have played a couple of games now and I've asked him about this but as neither of us has day or night cards it hasn't come up? so I can only use this card to ready one of my cards during his phase. I don't think I have any 'make it day' cards in my deck 



do you have to agree to use day or night cards or can you just play them?

Some cards make it Day, others make it Night. The Terror in Venice deluxe had a lot of Day/Night cards, and I believe the mechanic was introduced with the Dreamlands asylum packs. So it's been around for awhile.


Day and Night on their own don't really do much aside from one thing. Day cards when played will (usually) destroy all Night cards. Night cards when played (usually) destroy all Day cards. 


Note that this card actually gains some leverage when there is a Day card in play, but it is not actually a Day card itself (so it wouldn't be destroyed if a Night card were played). There are lots of other cards that gain abilities or become better (such as La Bella Luna here) if it's one or the other. Other cards may only be played if there is a Day or Night card, respectively, in play. Some notable cards that make it Day or Night: San Marco Basilica, Savio Corvi, The Plague Stone, Crooked Attorney.


Generally speaking, the mythos factions have cards that make it Night and the human factions have cards that make it Day. Syndicate is unique in that they have cards that are able to leverage either Day or Night.


No need for agreements beforehand, you can just play the cards. Hope this helped.

You never need permission to use any legal card.  If there is a Day card in play, then it is Day.  If there is a Night card in play, then it is Night.  If neither one is in play, then it is neither.  There are various cards that can gain benefits from being Day or Night but you generally need to build your deck at least somewhat around Day/Night to get much benefit.

so crooked attorney makes it day and la bella luna takes advantage of it being day but neither are day cards which could be targeted by a night card that can kill all day cards, is that right?

Crooked Attorney is a Day card, so he would be destroyed if a Night card came into play.  Day (and Night) cards will have the following text:


"Day.  It is Day.  Destroy all Night cards."


For Night cards, just swap in Night wherever it reads Day.

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