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Gates of Winterfell

Gates of Winterfell

Unique Gates of Winterfell

Type: Location House: Stark
Game Text:
Winterfell. Stronghold.
No attachments.
Marshalling: Kneel Gates of Winterfell to reveal the top card of your deck. If that card is a House Stark character, put it into play knelt. Otherwise, discard it.
Number: 102 Set: CtB
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Trevor Cook
Recent Decks: Stark-Theon Murder
House Stark - Siege (Joust)
My first try v2
Bolton Targeted Murder
Stark Army


Is there a way to stand this location to trigger its ability again during the same phase?
If you use maesters you can use Steel Link (TIoR).
The thing is that most maesters can only kneel as a response to something.it sounds pretty hard to attach also something else so that the character can kneel. or is it possible to attach the link to a non maester character if i give him the maester trait with old nan? if so,
what happens after the character loses the trait?does the link get discarded?
It gets discarded.

There are several chains though that gives the ability to kneel during any phase. Try combining these with the Steel Link :)
You can use any event which has as a cost kneel character eg. Citadel Politics (HtS).
This is only example just search in card search engine for text: Kneel character and choose wharever will be good for your house.
Dec 12 2011 08:59 PM
This is like harrenhall in On Dangerous Ground: 3 gold to get a card off your deck. (Except you get a character into play for free with it, albeit knelt)

A good'ish ability but worth a slot in your deck? For 3 gold, i'm not so sure...
This came up recently on BGG: If the result of the GoW search is a character that is already in play, does it attach as a duplicate and, if so, is the character in play also knelt?

My contention is yes to both, but I'm open to other interpretations.
Feb 26 2012 06:41 PM
Yes its put into play and no the character already in play does not kneel. Read the rules/faq about dupes, especially about the ruling on Meera reed.
Yes in play as a dupe, no to kneeling the original character which was in play.
How would this work is you have shaggy dog character in play and then reveal shaggy dog attachment. Does it look at the card type see only attachment and get discarded or does it check that you have a shaggy dog in play see this as a dup and then attach?
Feb 25 2013 07:29 PM
I believe it would be discarded, you check to see if it is a character first, and since it is not it never comes into play.
That was my thinking too, but I wanted to get some confirmation. Thanks
using stalwart and Wolf Herald (SB) is the only way id even contemplate this card
Feb 03 2014 12:03 PM
Works awesome with stalwarts and followers of the many faced god

Not sure what the synergy with Stalwart is - unless you get 3 dead guys in one round, you'll draw out your Stalwarts before you get a chance to use this won't you?

He means you can stand the guy that comes into play knelt with Follower of the Many Faced God.

What if the top card of your deck is already revealed?

than you know what would happen to this card if you use GoW I guess ...

What if the top card of your deck is already revealed?


You mean if you already know what it is? (i.e. stalwart character that just went there or card from herald of the wolf, etc.). Bonus. You now know what you get if you trigger GoW.

I think he means if it is on the top but face up because the opponent has something like Noyne in play.

I'm not sure myself- surely you can't reveal a card that is already revealed and therefore cannot trigger it?
Nov 03 2014 08:06 PM

I'd say you can still use this even if your card is already being revealed.  It seems similar to being able to stand something that is already standing - such as with the Kingdom of Shadows locations.   This doesn't say "reveal, then" so it doesn't seem to require an actual state-change from "not revealed" to "revealed".

I'm pretty sure "reveal" is only used in the effect so that it makes you show the opponents the card.  I wouldn't consider it a separate state or condition for triggering effects.