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Cersei's Scheme

Cersei's Scheme

Cersei's Scheme

Type: Plot House: Lannister
Income:3 Initiative: 6 Claim: 1
Game Text:

House Lannister only.
If you win a challenge as the attacker and the defending player does not have more participating characters than you, choose and kneel 1 character controlled by the losing opponent.
Number: 43 Set: TPoL
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Drazenka Kimpel
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if you win initiative you can wreck your opponent with this card over mutiple challenges. it most likely wont leave anyone standing on their side by the time your done with attacking with all your cheap lanny weenies.
so if you attack with 1 dude.... either they kneel 2.... or you get to choose and kneel 1

either way they have to kneel and it has 6 initiative to make you go first

seems crazy good at first glance