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Meera Reed

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Meera Reed

Unique Meera Reed

Type: Character House: Stark
Cost: 1 Strength: 2 Icons: Military,Intrigue
Game Text:
The "Any Phase" ability should read: "Response: After Meera Reed comes out of shadows, choose 1 non-plot card (2 instead if it is Winter) and treat its printed text box as if it were blank until the end of the phase."
Lady. House Reed.
House Stark only. Stealth.
Response: After a Stark character leaves play, put Meera Reed into Shadows.
Response: After Meera Reed comes out of shadows, choose 1 non-plot card (2 instead if it is Winter) and treat its printed text box as if it were blank until the end of the phase.
Flavor Text: Card designed by 2010 Castle Stahleck Champion Andrea Gualdoni
Crest: Shadow
Number: 2 Set: TftH
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Tiziano Baracchi
Recent Decks: Noble
Stark Noble Conquest Martell
Stark Winter Shadows
Income denial
Winter Control


Another brilliant card in new chapter packs cycle. 3for2 stealth bicons with ability to blank 1 or 2 cards as any phase ability. What is more important she can re-use this as she can return to the shadow if any stark character leaves play. So we have every turn blank ability on her. Very powerfull re-usable ability.
Completely agree. One of the coolest cards to come out for a while. Good for melee and joust. Between this and Guardian Wolf, Stark could become a very difficult House to win challenges against!
Great to go get with your opponent's Summoning Season when he gets his Beric :)
Rules question:Anguy the Archer is able to trigger his response from a moribund state. I'm guessing Meera isn't? Or that any other restriction or framework order issue apply? Because I really don't think that whenever she (being a Stark character) is killed or discarded and therefore leaves play, can bounce herself back into shadows instead... Right? Is "leaves play" triggered first when character actually leaves the moribund state?
immediate add to my stark siege.
@Laxen: Meera can't trigger response and goes to the shadow as she is already in moribound state, so can't go to the shadow as she has to go to dead pile.
Ok, so she can't activate the ability because it's illegal to move a card from moribund to any other zone then where it is headed? Except for back to play using saves...?
Save is played in step 2 of any action. It looks like this:
1. Action/Framework is initiated
2. Save/cancel responses
3. Action/Framework is resolved
=> Card enters moribound state at this point.

And yes if card is in moribound state it has already destination and can't change this.
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She will really piss off all those baratheon/lannister/targ maester decks with blanking of appreantice chain.
berto: Ok, I'm close enough to getting it now, ty :)

michaelius: Not as much as the Maester's Path errata though :P
ive heard of the Maester's path errata but i cant seem to find what was changed...
You can only attach chains to printed Maesters now. From the 3.0 FAQ
Nov 18 2011 01:08 AM
Pretty much an auto-include for most stark decks. Unlike Guardian Wolf, she's totally worth the 3 gold in any situation. (heck, I'd pay that just for a Stark with Stealth+Intrigue)
Dec 16 2011 08:55 AM
hi, deeping in rules about this card. Imagine u have 3 stark caracters, and opponent shows up with valar. Can u choose the order in which caracters are killed, so then u can put meera back to shadows?
No, because first you choose which characters are killed [All if you neither can save anyone nor have any duplicates or "Cannot be killed"] and they all go to moribound [they're still in play], then after that all cards in moribound go to dead/discard pile all at once meaning you cannot trigger the response.
I was wondering what "printed text box" means and found sth. in the the FAQ and thought it would be woth sharing here:

(3.7) Card Abilities
"Card abilities" (i.e. "Character ability," "Location ability," or "Attachment ability") refers to anything in a card's text box, except for traits, keywords, and flavor text. "Card abilities" also refers to any abilities (again, keywords and traits are excluded) gained by card effects

On the other hand Fortified Position (LoW) says "Treat all characters in play as though their printed text boxes were blank (except for Traits)".

So te text box includes: Character Abilities, Traits and Keywords? And it excludes only Crests?
If the above is right, you can blank another character with the King trait to recruit armies with Robb Stark (KotS).
Aug 09 2012 02:45 PM
With Meera or Nightmares (LoW), yes. With Milk of the Poppy (Core), no, because it specifically says "except traits."
Ye, I've never understood why they put certain parts of card texts within parentheses. I fail to see a pattern for when they use them...

Like in Magic they only use it for when the text is explanatory and would still apply according to the game's rules (which I first thought was the case for this game to, and that blanking never removed Traits), or that it would only be used for when the addition is very specific, like for Aggo's Bow... But no. No pattern in this game.

Anyone got a theory for when they are used in AGoT? :)
Mostly I've seen them used for one of two purposes:
1. Adding a further restriction or exception to a rule just stated - Milk of the Poppy (Core) does this
2. Adding an optional alternative functionality with an additional play restriction to something just explained - Meera Reed (TftH) and No Use For Grief (DB) are examples of this
Didn´t know that Meera is that good. If you use her ability to blank a Maester character he will loose all Maester attachments. --> I like
Edit: Blanking doesn't remove traits granted from other card effects right? So even if you trigger her ability twice on a Maester with Apprentice Collar, you won't be able to remove the instance of the Maester trait gained from Apprentice Collar?
Aug 10 2012 01:42 PM
Meera says "printed" text box, so it would never get rid of gained anything. Milk however, does not - so it would get rid of printed and gained text.
Oh. Never seen that it states "printed" on her... :)

So.. Apprentice Collar actually "writes" the trait on the card, so that Milk of the Poppy would remove the trait gained from Apprentice Collar (if it did not exclude traits as it does)?
Aug 10 2012 03:06 PM
Basically yes. When a card gains text somehow, it is thought to be within the appropriate area. So if a character had gained any number of keywords or abilities from other effects, they are still blanked by Milk, as they would all be assumed to be within the text box. Nightmares (LoW) and Frozen Moat (BtW) are other examples of blanking "printed" text boxes.

Also, some poeple don't know blanking a card also removes it's influence and gold bonuses. These 2 bonus are considered part of the text box. The FAQ has a short entry about that.
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