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Volantis Inn

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Volantis Inn

Unique Volantis Inn

Type: Location House: Lannister
Game Text:
The East.
Standing: Kneel Volantis Inn and kneel a character you control to choose and kneel a character without attachments.
Flavor Text: Mormont handed him a tankard. "Most of Volantis is getting drunk, why not you?"
Number: 63 Set: AHM
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Folko Streese
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All I can say is Wow!

Happening in the Standing phase is strange, as I can't think of any card that happens in that phase as a player action, compared to the usual Responses to cards standing in this phase. But kneeling something like Lannisport Councilor (RotO), Lannisport Moneylender (LotR) or Lannisport Weaponsmith (Core) as the gold will still be generated.

The Shagga side of me sees Ser Jaime Lannister (LotR) working especially well, as he will stand at the start of the Taxation phase anyway, so all I really did was kneel a location to kneel one of their characters without attachments. Whilst No Attachments is helpful against burn, it makes it easier for Lannister to kneel them.
Yes Ser Jaime would be good. Also Joffrey Baratheon (TftRK) would be pretty sweet. Kneel him and pay one gold to stand and claim 1 power. Also thought you might could use this in a City of Shadows deck with Young Griff (VD).
Discussing this with a friend, an idea crossed my mind - Steel Link!

Kneel a maester with this, stand the location, then kneel another character.
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Wow, this is very good. I'm getting excited for this chapter pack!
As a person that see's Lannister as a little too effective at everything they do, I am glad to see the "without attachments" part at least, the cost of kneeling one of your own characters may actually not be very tempting should you get burned or spot killed early on.
Dencent, but not as good as Lannisport Brothel (Core) unless coupled with the last Jaime.
But the fact you could have both the Brothel and this location, as well as cards such as Brothel Guard (LotR) who can kneel a card and be suitable fuel for Volantis, means the Lannister hyper-kneel build just keeps getting better!
maybe something there with Young Griff (VD) in a lanisterCity of Shadows (CoS) deck. cant think of anything else
OOH in Shadows Robert Baratheon (TTotH) decks - totally worth 3 gold :D
OOH? Eh, It's less about kneeling someone who can stand back up. You can use a character that is not great in challenges for that(like Doubting Septa or any Maester you plan on kneeling to trigger chains).
Sorry, Out of House :)

And yes It's of course also good with a not-so-useful character that can be "wasted" on it - but it's much more fun to use a character that can do it without losing out on anything.
Aug 06 2012 04:55 PM
....seems a bit expensive...;)
Fits perfectly well in my Lanni kneel deck :D
Aug 20 2012 03:54 PM
this shoudl be an auto in any deck with Ser jamie Standsalot
A good solid card that will see play in Lannister Kneel decks for all eternity.