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The Bastard's Boys

The Bastard's Boys

Unique The Bastard's Boys

Type: Character House: Stark
Cost: 7 Strength: 7 Icons: Military, Power
Game Text:
Army. House Bolton.
No attachments. Lower the cost to play The Bastard's Boys by 1 for each House Bolton character you control.
Response: After The Bastard's Boys are knelt as an attacker and the defending player controls no House Bolton characters, raise the claim value on your revealed plot card by 1 (to a maximum of 3) until the end of the phase.
Number: 101 Set: ARotD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Ignacio Lazcano
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Great support for the house bolton theme; this is the kind of thing I want to see more of, to make all these subthemes into viable archetypes.
Oct 24 2012 06:19 PM
A really good addition to house Bolton, I like how the ability lasts until end of phase.
A very solid card, and I imagine the Response will be triggered most of the time it attacks.

Used in a Stark army deck using Robb Stark (KotS) it will be able to trigger so long as they aren't also playing Stark.
I agree with NuFenix. That response will basically increase your claim by 1 in most games.

Colour me impressed.

No War crest though which is a shame.
Note that removing him from the challenge doesn't undo the +1 Claim effect. Nice touch versus things like Lannister's Toll gate and Pentoshi Manor. Even killing him or blanking him won't do it.
Just stand them with High Ground (QoD) or with To Be a Wolf (SB), and you can easily have 3 claim all time, hahh! Even with valar you can make 2 claim attacks.
To pick on something in this card - In connection to the book it is too powerful (STR for example (5 would be maximum I guess))
Vincu: I don't think it works that way. After all, you can only kneel them as an attacker once per challenge.
Oct 30 2012 09:14 AM

Vincu: I don't think it works that way. After all, you can only kneel them as an attacker once per challenge.

Correct, but the response is not limited by anything except the character's ability to participate in a challenge as an attacker. The end of phase is a persistent effect so if you start with military and activate the response and then somehow stand the character you can activate the response again after declaring it in a power challenge allowing you do have a +2 claim on the second challenge they participate in.
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Vincu: I don't think it works that way. After all, you can only kneel them as an attacker once per challenge.

But you can have plots like After the Mummer's Ford (KotS), Storm of Swords (LoW) and voila! You can have more than 1 military challenge. But does it matter? You make a claim 2, or claim 3 military than you execute the other player with a claim 3 power challenge.
Oct 30 2012 05:28 PM
Note that they do have to actually kneel for the effect, which is really sad, since I immediately wanted to play them with Training Grounds (LoW)!
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Mar 13 2013 07:55 PM
The Bastard's Boys (ARotD) + Fleet from Wolf's Den (RotK) + White Harbor Dromon (TGF) = 3 claim (for the phase) with 14 STR and 2 renown.

Man it is a good thing they have a limit of 3. Imagine if that happened on a Naval Superiority (TGF) turn without the limit!
Mar 13 2013 11:44 PM
Stark have gotten a lot of renown lately but I think the bastards boys are great without the other two cards because their ability lasts until the end of phase. It's a shame that the refugees are restricted now because will make playing this much harder.
You can still usually drop this for around 4 or 5 gold in most games. The Boltons have a number of awesome characters that see play fairly often.

Granted, they are pure sex in a Bolton deck.
I need to ask a (possibly dumb) question about the "to a maximum of 3" claim limit on this card. Is this a hard limit regardless of whatever other cards are played, or only as it applies to this card? For example, if I'm playing Focused Offense as my plot (3 claim), this card obviously cannot raise it above that. But if, for example, I'm playing any 2-claim plot and use this card to raise the claim to 3 (which doesn't break any rules on the card itself), does the text here prohibit me from raising it yet again with, for example, Winter is Coming?

Edit: moving to questions thread.
Oct 27 2013 06:42 AM
"It is indeed a hard limit. Regardless of what your claim would be, The Bastard's Boys' effect restricts it to a maximum of 3 with a lasting effect for the duration of the challenge. So sometimes it's better not to trigger it!" - JCWamma