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Unique Qhoyne

Type: Location House: Martell
Game Text:
The East.
Challenges: Kneel Qhoyne to choose a character. Until the end of the phase, that character loses a [Power] icon. If that character has no [Power] icon, it instead gets -1 STR until the end of the phase.
Number: 93 Set: THoBaW
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Stu Barnes
Recent Decks: Dayne Icon-Removers
Quest To The East
Doran's Court
Martell TLV Orphan
Summer Quentyn


The three Martell locations are the only cards in the new pack that haven't been discussed at all. Are they that uninteresting?

Revealing the top card is pretty meh unless you have something to deal with top cards. Lhorulu cost much influence and has to be double edged, but could be useful at times? Maybe playable in melee? Maybe...? And this one? 1 gold repeatable icon control? Should at least be playable in rush decks? But then again, Martell isn't the rushiest house. Melee? ^^

Anyone gonna play any of them?
This is undoubtedly a great card. It's almost a reprint of the 5KE Vaith card. Works well OOH in Targa burn decks, and works well with OOH Cowed. In Martell you can combine it with Tower of the Sun (PotS) to loose renown, or simply decrease the attacking strenght to be able to defend. You can build a strong icon conrol with The Brimstone (TBC) + The Scourge (ODG). Using the Ghost of High Heart (WLL) + Seal of the Crown (APS) + Brimstone combo as well, you can easely leave all the enemy chars iconless. This a bonus, but simply great add-on, with two effects.
Interesting thoughts, thanks for sharing :)