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Bran Stark

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Bran Stark

Unique Bran Stark

Type: Character House: Stark
Cost: 2 Strength: 2 Icons: Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
Challenges: Kneel a Direwolf to stand Bran Stark. Then, Bran Stark gains (choose 1): a [Military] icon, stealth, or deadly until the end of the phase.
Flavor Text: "I am him, and he is me. He feels what I feel."
Number: 22 Set: VD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Alexandre Dainche
Recent Decks: Stark: Wolves & Arya (Final Version 60 Cards)
Stark: Wolves & Arya v3 (Final)
All Dogs Go to Heaven
Stark family
Starks Can Kill EVERYONE


Jun 15 2012 03:28 PM
Finally a new (stronger) Bran !
Jun 15 2012 03:53 PM
Give Bran the direwolf trait. 3 kneel/stands for a 2 cost, tri-con with deadly and stealth!
Nice stats and a Nedly ability. Plus, Stark getting more Intrigue will never be a bad thing, especially when it comes in such a form.
Give Bran Summer (Core) attachment and Old Nan (BoRF)
him into a Direwolf. Bam.
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Give Bran Summer (Core) attachment and Old Nan (BoRF)
him into a Direwolf. Bam.

It's almost like it was meant to be!
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Jun 15 2012 08:04 PM
Actually that's kind of a waste of an attachment since he can already give himself the MIL icon and stealth. Then it's only effect is the +2. If you ran the other Summer (LoW) for the same cost you could make your tri-con, stealth & deadly Bran an invalid target for opponents events!
Well, I was thinking of using the attachment to give him 2 challenges. He can attack once and kneel the attachment to stand and do another challenge. Plus the attachment makes him buff if you don't have Old Nan out yet.
Also, can you have a Summer attachment and Summer character in play at same time?
No, since it's a unique card with the same name you can only use one or the other. But both Summer cards have their benefits. I personally think the attachment is a bit nicer since it would make Bran a 4 str tricon with stealth without having done a challenge. Then you can give him deadly.
kind of a newb and trying to figure out if this combo works/is legal, cuz im just working it out in my head:

1. attach Shaggydog to Bran
2. get challenged and kneel Shaggydog to burn opponent -2
3. challenge and win with bran on your turn, shaggydog stands
4. kneel shaggy dog to stand bran and give him stealth/deadly
5. challenge and win with bran a second time, shaggydog stands
6. kneel shaggy dog to to stand bran again and give him military icon
7. challenge a third time with bran and win, shaggydog stands
8. Kneel shaggydog to stand bran for dominance

does this work???
Jun 16 2012 10:56 PM
Yea that should work just fine.
cool thanks. i feel like there is alot of interesting potential for this card.
Can someone clear up why exactly giving the Direwolf trait to Bran makes his ability work? To me it seems like the cost cannot be paid if there is no effect at the time of initiation. Since Bran is standing when you trigger the ability, there is technically no target to the effect, since he isn't kneeling. It has to do with the cost/effect of the ability. Is there an official ruling on this on the FFG forums? Initial search hasn't turned up anything yet...
Jul 22 2013 01:38 PM
First consider a card like Parting Blow (PotS). When my character leaves play, I can use this event kneel a character. I don't have to have a valid standing target just to play it - though I would need to successfully kneel something in order to get the draw.

Now consider just the first part of the ability "Kneel a Direwolf to stand Bran Stark". Then, assume Bran has the trait... "Kneel Bran Stark to stand Bran Stark". So if he has the trait, you plan to kneel him as a cost - with the effect being to stand him. Remember the game allows you to choose to stand/kneel a character that is already in that position - though it is not considered "successful" (for purposes of other responses or post-Then effects) when doing so. However, after you pay the cost of this effect, Bran is now kneeling and can be successfully stood. Allowing you to trigger the remaining ",then" text.
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Can you stand a card that is already standing ?
Or you have to have Bran knelt to use his triggered ability ?

Reading the post above, I guess that it wouldn't make sense here, even if you could, because no Then... could be activated ?

Can you refere to the place in rules in FAQ/rules that explaines this ? Thanks.
Oct 21 2013 03:19 PM
Check out page 13, (4.9) The word "then" to get an understanding of the pre/post-Then effects. It is a little long to copy/past here.

TL/DR: any pre-Then effect must resolve completely & successfully before any post-Then effect can trigger. Meaning if Bran didn't stand successfully, then you cannot trigger the post-Then effect.