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River Blockade

River Blockade

River Blockade

Type: Location House: Greyjoy
Game Text:
Cancel the first location effect triggered by an opponent each round.
Flavor Text: None of the merchantmen that called at Lordsport had been allowed to depart...
Number: 32 Set: RoR
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: A. M. Sartor
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if you have 2 in game, you cancel the first two effects?
I don't think so, since it is a passive effect. If I interpret it right, both ships would cancel the first effect triggered by an opponent each round...
Jan 29 2013 10:31 PM
Both ships would indeed cancel the first location effect.
May 31 2013 11:23 PM
How does this work with discard effects like summer sea? Do you discard it but not get the effect or not discard and not get the effect?
Discarding is the cost, so it would still be discarded, but the effect (reduction) is cancelled. Cancels come after the cost has been paid, which usually puts the person who paid it at a disadvantage. (With the exception of Varamyr Sixskins (AKitN))
Does River Blockade stop the gaining of Influence? I guess the more important question is does kneeling a location to gain Influence count as a 'location effect'?
Jun 04 2013 04:45 PM
nope, it does not. you are paying the cost for a different effect - like Ambush.
What does everyone think about kneeling an empty Coin Mint (LotR) (one with no gold on the card) to add 0 gold to your gold pool, thus being the first location effect of my round? Legal? Not legal?
Legal, because "any" number can be 0.
I asked Fantasy Flight about kneeling Coin Mint with 0 gold on it so it could be the first location canceled by River Blockade & they responded: "Thanks for your question! The answer I was able to get from the developers is yes, you may kneel a Coin Mint for it's ability with 0 gold tokens on it. If you need a more detailed explanation, you may submit your question to the rules site at http://www.fantasyfl...om/edge_faq.asp. Take care!" #Woot!

How does this work in melee? Does it cancel 1 effect (the first triggered by an opponent) or 3 (the first triggered by every opponent)?

Jun 26 2014 08:49 PM
It cancels one effect only.

Does this card blockade the first effect triggered in the current round (triggered even before this card came into play) or the first effect triggered only after this card came into play?

@arial It cancels the first effect triggered in the current round , so if you play it after the first effect has been triggered it doesnt work for the round.

    • arial likes this
Dec 26 2014 10:05 AM

Experimenting with ways to mess with Greyjoy decks run off of Brotherhood agenda.  Currently I'm using a Baratheon Asshai/holy deck with Melisandre (Core) and running HOD Eastwatch by the Sea.  I think I'm right in assuming that, since Eastwatch's effect is triggered as soon as an opponent reveals a new plot card (i.e. almost certainly my first location effect each round), and since it's immune to non-plot card effects thanks to HOD, River Blockade if in play is rendered pretty much redundant and ineffective...

Check the FAQ's entry on the "Scope of Immunity." A card's immunity does not protect a triggered effect from being canceled by whatever the card is immune to (because the cancel is not a direct effect on the immune card). River Blockade will cancel Eastwatch in the situation you describe.

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Dec 26 2014 02:53 PM

Thanks, ktom.  Card immunity does not extend to triggered responses on the card - understood.  Ah well, back to A City Besieged and Condemned by the Council to get rid of the blighters and allow Eastwatch to work its magic.

Have you considered Condemned by the Council? Winning INT as Asshai against GJ should be easy.
    • MagnusLothar likes this
Dec 27 2014 11:33 AM

Using it already, along with A City Besieged - got to have some ways of countering the cancel-effect of the Blockades if Eastwatch is going to work at all!  Winning intrigue against Greyjoy is generally easy, especially with a few Shadow Enchantresses around; although when tricons such as Asha are combined with Brotherhood characters like Beric in a Greyjoy deck it can be less straightforward.

Try pre-plotting Nightmares to get by a single blockade as well. I can't think of much else.