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Type: Location House: Stark
Game Text:
Marshalling: Kneel Godswood to lower the cost of the next House Stark character you play this phase by 2.
Number: 32 Set: Core
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Eric Lofgren
Recent Decks: Stark: Wolves & Arya (Final Version 60 Cards)
Stark: Wolves & Arya v3 (Final)
Robb & Roose
All Dogs Go to Heaven
Stark family


Still not super keen on this cycle of reducers myself, but there are others that swear by them.

Why don't these reducers see much play these days? It pretty much pays for itself right off the bat. Not as great of a setup card but I still see this going in a deck over the fiefdoms if you do not need the influence.

Sep 30 2014 12:46 PM

If I were to guess, its because its closest counterparts as limited locations are 0 cost for 1 reduction, thus netting a +1 that turn. 2 cost locations are iffy for setup. I don't even run fiefdoms a lot of the time, unless I feel ill use the influence frequently.

2 gold locations, 3 seas, 3 reducers, plus streets/FB/RR can quickly fill out all of your income requirements, and are all more efficient.

The only house that gets a limited cost 0 for 1 reduction is Martell. All Fiefdoms cost 1.

There are 3 clear reasons I can think of not to use this card.

1) It does nothing for shadows

2) As mentioned, its not the best for setup compared to alternative locations

3) Location hate is nastier when used to take out this card as opposed to a Keep.

Reasons to take it are that it is a Stark affiliation resource card, making it a good pick for a HOD Bear Island deck.