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Risen from the Sea

Risen from the Sea

Risen from the Sea

Type: Event House: Neutral
Game Text:

Response: Save a House Greyjoy character from being killed. Then attach this card to the saved character (counts as a Condition attachment with the text 'Attached character gets +1 STR.')
Flavor Text: What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger. - Greyjoy proverb
Number: 20 Set: KotS
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Thomas Denmark
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Nov 29 2014 02:14 AM

Can this be used on characters with no attachements?   

the way i see it is you can save them but not attach them but i am unsure

I think you are correct. After the character is saved, RftS would be discarded since the character has "no attachments", which includes "condition" attachments.

"Save a House Greyjoy character from being killed. Then attach this card to the saved character" - does it mean, that I should attach it only to the saved character? or I can save one character using this event, but attach it to another Greyjoy character?

"...attach this card to the saved character..." means that your only option is to attach it to the character that was saved by the first part of the ability. I'm not sure how the text could be read to support the interpretation that you can save character A and attach to character B.

I just asked, because "I'm You Writ Small" event , it's possible to give a deathly to one character, and then attach it to any other Lannister character.
So, I just want to be sure, that "Risen from the sea" works only for one character.

True, but the text of the two cards is very different.