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Type: Event House: Greyjoy
Game Text:

House Greyjoy only.
Response: Cancel a triggered effect unless its controller kneels 1 influence.
Flavor Text: His whiskers had become hopelessly befouled for the third time while he leaned over the rail and retched into the swirling winds.
Number: 19 Set: KotS
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Thomas Denmark
Recent Decks: gj - old way first try
Greyjoy Melee
Greyjoy No Agenda Winter Choke v2
Greyjoy Unopposed Joust


Probably a newbish question, but can "When revealed" effects of plot cards be cancelled through this?
No. Triggered effect refers to anything with a Bolded Word: (like Any Phase: or Response:). The When revealed... effect is a passive effect, and thus also not voluntary (unlike triggered effects, which the controller can choose to either trigger or not).
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Thanks for the info
Honestly, is this card worth it? Almost everyone runs some combination of Fiefdoms or Seas, so it's all too often a dead draw sitting in my hand praying that they kneel out those resources so I can bring it out to play. Finger Dance (WLL) is events only but at least I can play that one more or less at will.
I'm usually running it in a deck that most likely will have destroyed or knelt all their influence. In those cases it is a lot better than finger dance for hitting more targets and not needing you to kneel a character. It is definitely worth it, but it also needs more setting up than the other cancels.
can this card be canceled by Paper Shield or only by kneeling 1 influence?