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Tommen Baratheon

Tommen Baratheon

Unique Tommen Baratheon

Type: Character House: Lannister
Cost: 1 Strength: 1 Icons: Power
Game Text:
King. Lord.
House Lannister only.
Any Phase: If it is Summer, kneel Tommen Baratheon to look at the top 4 cards of your deck. Switch any 1 of those cards with a card in your hand, if able. Then, put the remaining cards on top of your deck in any order.
Number: 28 Set: FaI
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Melissa Findley
Recent Decks: Lion's Gate v2
Lion's Gate
Clansman Flood


I cant believe no one has commented on this little Cherub yet. He is insanely good. Lord & king who doesnt get shut off by other kings. 1 Cost to reorganize the top 4 cards of your deck? In Lannister the summer extended draw cap shouldnt be hard to reach even without the old Tommen.
So far the real problem I have with him is actually keeping him in play long enough to actually justify running him. He dies instantly to almost every time I play him without a dupe in hand. And burn just flat out erases him from the board. It's really a shame.
Oct 02 2013 08:03 PM
You're absolutely right, Solaris. Against Targ Summer Burn, he'll be dead in a minute (PEETA!). No but seriously, I was really excited about him, but you're right. There's precisely NO way he'll live long enough to be useful. Much like anyone else out of Lanni, except maybe immune to triggered effects Joffrey and anyone with a noble crest. IF ONLY he had a noble crest, I could keep him alive...
It's not just targ burn either. He is a lot like myrcella in Melee. The moment he is played people will do anything to remove him. I have had numerous kill events played on him. Old tommen people didn't really seem to care as much.
If you're paying 1 gold for a card that the opponent immediately has to specifically expend energy to remove from the board, that's not exactly a bad thing.
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He becomes less efficient but there are ways to protect him. Rich Lands and a Keep, Gilded plate, Bodyguard. Burn Protection is a little harder to come by though.
I think JCWamma said it best. I'd think all of the attachments you mention would be better spent on high cost characters.
Oct 17 2013 07:54 AM
I totally agree with the above. He is great for set up, comes with a great ability and will ruin the day of anyone else relying on a king character. The moment someone spends more than one gold to get rid of him, or uses another finite resource to get rid of him, you are in profit.
Once Robert Strong comes out, Tommen will be a safe boy. <Total Conjecture>
Does anyone here remember the good old CCG era Samwell Tarly? ( http://www.agotcards...rd/nset/11/2818 ) One of the best cards ever made? This guy is 90% the same (excpet for that not so great summer thing). You'll be able to save a card for the next round if you are afraid that it will be discarded from your hand, you can arrange your draw order, leaving the crap or the currently useless cards continually behind. Good for setup, good for being the king to stop other king, and a very very good ability. And dont underestimate the oppportunity that you can choose from 4 cards to draw from instead of 2