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Type: Attachment House: Neutral
Game Text:
After you play Bastard from your hand, discard all other attachments on attached character.
Attached character gains the Bastard trait, loses a [Power] icon, and cannot have attachments played on it.
Number: 39 Set: LotR
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Kevin Wasden
Recent Decks: PBtT Rush
Lannister PBTT from limited cardpool
Greyjoy Saves (no agenda)
Stannis No draw for you


Cheap, solid card for offense and defense against attachments. I'm a fan.
This seems kind of, well, a real "killjoy" for any maester decks or cool attachment-based combo decks. I mean, I'm all about solutions to uber-characters and stuff, but this just seems too "easy". Pay 1 gold and basically neuter a character...

Maybe it's not much different than Milk of the Poppy after all, though, which I have no problem with...

No, I take that back - this is probably (potentially) far more lethal than "Milk".
I can see this fitting in fine against the Stark dire wolf deck, my brother likes to put Greywind and Shaggydog on Rob stark, Wack this baby on him and its job done, Itll just make him change his tactics up abit, Other than that it probably wont be in my decks :)
Aug 20 2012 06:19 PM
Wouldn't this attachment fall off as soon as it's played since the character can't have attachments? It would discard all attachments on said character including itself.
Aug 20 2012 07:06 PM
Not really. It specifically says to get rid of all "other" attachments after this is played onto a character, so it is safe from that effect. Then it establishes that attachments "cannot be played" on the attached character. That's also fine because Bastard is already attached to the character. No future attachment can be "played" onto this character because that would violate this restriction.

Also note that disallowing further attachments from "being played" is not the same as "cannot have attachments". If it did, in fact, gain "cannot have attachments" then it would indeed fall off. We should also note that use of The Maester's Path (GotC) "puts into play" chains from the agenda, and therefore can ignore the restriction Bastard places on the character.
Aug 22 2012 06:50 PM
Very true, I guess I've been misreading that. Thank you sir!
Jul 10 2014 09:41 PM


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