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Brienne of Tarth

Brienne of Tarth

Unique Brienne of Tarth

Type: Character House: Baratheon Stark
Cost: 3 Strength: 3 Icons: Military, Power
Game Text:
While Brienne of Tarth is participating in a challenge, opponents cannot trigger effects.
Number: 37 Set: PotS
Quantity: 2 Illustrator: Cris Griffin
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Jul 21 2011 10:55 PM
Take that, event-heavy decks! :)
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Not just events, but locations, triggering agendas such as The Siege of Winterfell (LoW) or The Maester's Path (GotC), or even save any of their characters!
Or Meereen Tourney Grounds (ODG) :(

Had an annoying situation with that just yesterday.
I got a wired situation here. One player used his Brienne of Tarth (PotS) to initial a military challenge to a martell opponent and won. The martell player chose his The Red Viper (PotS) to die. Can he use a duplicate to save the Red Viper. I think he can because the Red Viper immune Brienne's ability and using a duplicate to save himself is a gained ability of the Red Viper. But someone doesn't agree with that because he think Brienne's effect affects just the person who's playing the game, not any cards in play.

Who's right?
Cannot is an absolute in game of thrones, if it says you cannot then you cant. It's not specifically hitting any cards, it is just saying that your opponent cannot trigger effects. Dupe save is an effect and it is in this case triggered by the opponent -> cannot.
Should maybe be added that "can" effects on cards overrule "cannot" effects from the rules book (while cannot effects on cards still trump can effects on cards), though it is not relevant for exactly this question :)
What about renown, deadly, stealth, melee, and joust? Are these considered triggered effects and therefore unable to be used when brienne is participating?
Aug 14 2012 06:48 PM
Not at all, they are passives/keywords. Triggers are only optional effects, such as anything leading with a phase name in bold (Any Phase, Reponse, Challenges, etc..). She even blocks the opponent from triggering any responses on their agendas during a challenge she is participating in.
Let's say that Player A is attacking in military challenge with Brienne. Player B looses uo. Player B can't play Red Vengeance (PotS) right? Can Player B play any response that is executing after implementation of challenge result? In other words, when the word "participating" stops to be active? Is it active for all the duration of the framework action?

Another question: Let's say player A wins military with Brienne. Player B has only one character with duplicate. What is happening with tha character? Is he killed? Both cards in dead pile?
1) Correct, the response window for playing RV is by definition while Brienne is a participant.
2) Ditching a dupe is a triggered effect.

Is it any wonder why the second this hits the table it's OMG KILL KILL IT KILL IT WITH FIRE?
Oct 02 2012 03:14 PM
1. It should be noted that Brienne is considered participating in the challenge as soon as she is knelt and declared (as attacker or defender) and from then until the complete resolution of the challenge, past the last passives, responses and removal of moribund cards - she is still considered participating. So your opponent cannot trigger anything during that timeframe.

2. Dupes are discarded when triggered... but if your character dies without being able to trigger them, the dupes should go into the discard pile (since they are not "characters") and your character would go into the dead pile.
Yay more stuff to mess with Black Sails
Jun 26 2013 06:09 PM
Naval attacking is considered a triggered mechanic and not a triggered effect, correct?

Naval attacking is considered a triggered mechanic and not a triggered effect, correct?

as far as i know, yes

is it true that an opponent cannot trigger title effects such as the crown regent or the lord commander when she is attacking?

No. That is not true. Title effects are not considered card effects, let alone "triggered" effects. They are game effects and are not affected by Brienne any more than revealing plots in the plot phase, drawing cards in the draw phase or declaring attackers/defenders in the challenge phase are.