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  Deck Name Deck Strategy Rating Author

Nobel Martell

get trv and voltron him up, hopefully let your opponent go first, and win a challenge by 4 so you can trigger the vipers rage and get 3 unopposed and 3 renown with trv ----- jackmerridew


This deck is not my own....but I like him ----- Icetears

Sandsnake-deadly(power barrage)

At the first,you must play A TIME FOR RAVEN plot to search(but only if you haven't got it in your hand during the setup phase) black raven for the draw engine..then 'savemaster'(Maester of the sun)---this character is the most important because can save your main sandsnake(Obella Sand and Tyene Sand). The FORGOTTEN PLANS is here for cancel 'fury' plots or FEAR OF WINTER. Do NOT forget the deadly weapon engine---that helps you to play the 'power barrage' cards---Superior Claim,Make an Example--and win the game more faster...thats all ----- Icetears


play summer and eventually Gilly...then savemaster ----- Icetears

x Martell Dayne_1.0

----- SerFolly

Summer Daynes

Summer Dayne deck using Open Market and Narrow Escape to keep key cards on the table. Knights of the Sun provide the big beatstick character. ----- Darksbane

Mart Brotherhood Weapon

This deck uses Beric as a beatstick. Ideally first turn you get out Beric + either his weapon or a Taste for Blood. Play as many Alchemist Shops as you can and proceed in the following turns to rack up power. ----- Darksbane

Sand Viper

Utilizes The Red Vipers core strategies with the Sand Snakes as a sub-theme. The Red Viper gets killed, drop No Use For Grief to bring out an army of Sand Snakes, or use him as fodder in round one or two and Drop Valar Morghulis->Grief to bring out the Sand Snake army. ----- gdotbat

Martell - Sand Snakes and Friends

Intended for multi player rather than one on one. Get stronger through attachments / alchemists shop, get sneaky through characters / lost oasis and get deadly from all over the place. ----- Arrdet

Alchemist Martell

Built around having more deadly characters than anyone else and punishing them for winning challenges against me. ***** jackmerridew

Martell Melee

The original idea was to have a very strong defense, punishing opponents for attacking me, coupled with small stealthy attacks. ----- Boerta


First try at a Martell Knight deck. Deck plays pretty straight forward. If they leave their characters standing using Someone Always Tells followed up hopefully by Rule by Decree. ----- Darksbane

Vipers Brotherhood v3

utilizing the current chapter pack with Martell into a power rush deck ----- jackmerridew

Vipers Brotherhood v2

utilizing the current chapter pack with Martell into a power rush deck ----- jackmerridew

Vipers Brotherhood

utilizing the current chapter pack with Martell into a power rush deck ----- jackmerridew