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A Game of Thrones 2nd Edition Decks

  Faction Deck  

full agro [Version: 1] Joust

SaXo , Oct 24 2017 06:28 PM
Last updated Oct 24 2017 06:28 PM
0 comments, 4208 views

Bara Summer [Version: 4] Joust

This deck is very similar to what you would likely see from a Bara Fealty deck I just thought with some slight tweaking to plots it is a lot easier to gain that +1 summer gold than to use the fealty on the handful of loyal cards Baratheon has.
dmday512 , Aug 25 2016 03:28 PM
Last updated Sep 13 2016 05:06 PM
8 comments, 4271 views

renown boys rolling out [Version: 1] Joust

planewaklka , Mar 01 2016 12:12 AM
Last updated Mar 01 2016 12:12 AM
0 comments, 1334 views
Aggro Experimental

Lannister Fealty 5-1 at First Snow of Winter Tournament, Finland [Version: 1] Joust

Ire , Jan 17 2016 03:01 PM
Last updated Jan 18 2016 11:13 PM
3 comments, 2879 views
Jaime Aggro

Bara-Lanni: Power Rush [Version: 1] Joust

You like gaining power like a freight train but don't like playing by the normal means. Let me introduce you to Bara-Lanni: Power rush where your goal is to drag as much power to you or winning as much as possible.
Mojotroll , Nov 04 2015 05:44 AM
Last updated Nov 04 2015 05:44 AM
0 comments, 1435 views
Aggro Experimental Fun

The Wall sends its regards [Version: 7] Joust

New Teaser: I found this deck to be the aggresive side I was looking for as Lannister, albeit it is not a perfect build(Lannister/Targ or Lannister/GJ) but it is a rather fun deck to play if you want to be different as a Lannister.
Mojotroll , Oct 16 2015 01:02 AM
Last updated Oct 27 2015 04:26 AM
4 comments, 1432 views
Aggro Casual Fun

Bara ban NW [Version: 1] Joust

As seen here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTpxja2r9nk
clu , Sep 12 2015 02:39 PM
Last updated Sep 12 2015 02:39 PM
0 comments, 877 views