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Han Solo

Han Solo

♦ Han Solo

Type: Unit
Cost: 4
Force Icons: 3
Icons: 2 1 1
Faction: Light Rebel Alliance
Character. Leader.
Elite.Reaction: After this unit is focused to strike as an attacker, choose an enemy objective you are not engaged with. You are now engaged with the chosen objective instead.
“It’s only a few guards. This shouldn’t be too much trouble.”-Han Solo, Return of the Jedi
Health: 3
Block Number: 185 - 2 of 6
Set: Solo’s Command Number: 0907
Illustrator: Ryan Valle
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Can you use Han's ability to turn cracken from a captured objective to something else and keep the blast icons?

Nope. Cracken's is a continuous check against the engaged objective, and Han changes which objective you are enganging, so if you move against an objective without captured cards, Cracken will have zero blast icons.

No. Cracken's bonus blast damage is recalculated constantly, so if you change the currently engaged objective to one that has no captured cards or fewer captured cards, he will lose all or part of his blast damage.

Nov 04 2016 02:42 PM

I am not doing a good job understanding this card. I get that this allows Han to engage an objective the LS player might not have been able to engage initially. But aren't the defenders chosen for the objective that was the initial target? So, does that mean the opposing player's defenders ALSO go with Han to the new objective? Thematically it doesn't make much sense (not that the game is without bigger thematic flaws).


And how could the defenders go with him if they don't have that same ability? 


I am new to this game (played core years ago, then stopped. Then started buying xps this year).

Like I said, I get the ability to move to a different objective. But what other tactical advantage is this card offering? 


May 26 2018 09:01 PM

Nobody really goes anywhere, which is why everyone stays in the engagement when Han uses his ability. The only thing that happens is that blast damage and unopposed gets dealt to a different objective than the one you initially engaged and card effects that interact with the engaged objective now interact with another one.

In the right situation, Han can reduce the number of edge battles the Light Side player needs to win. For example, imagine that the Light Side needs to destroy two objectives this turn and has the Luke from A Hero's Trial and Han on the board. If one objective has two health remaining and the second has three health remaining, (and the Dark Side has unimpressive or easily killed defenders), the Light Side could attack the weaker objective with Luke and Han, strike with Luke to destroy that objective, strike with Han to move the engagement to the second objective and place one damage on it, discard an enhancement from Luke to ready him, and strike with Luke against the second objective to destroy it and win the game.

Of course, the Light Side player might have been able to win by attacking with Luke and Han against the stronger objective and readying Luke after the engagement so he could go after the weaker one alone. But that could mean fighting two edge battles instead of one, which can be difficult if the opponent has ways to get cards back to hand, such as the reaction on the Core Set version of Palpatine.

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I thought the whole point of this Han was to use his chuds to double strike :P

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