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Noghri Bodyguard

Noghri Bodyguard

Noghri Bodyguard

Type: Unit
Cost: 2
Force Icons: 1
Icons: 1 1
Faction: Dark Neutral
Protect Officer.
Natives of the planet Honoghr, the Noghri were a diminutive race with a clan-based society. A strong warrior culture and a tradition of honor made them extremely effective combatants.
Health: 2
Resources Generated:
Block Number: 164 - 3 of 6
Set: Chain of Command Number: 0808
Illustrator: Victor A. Minguez
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Apr 05 2017 06:24 AM

The good news is that with Protect Officer, it's (almost) strictly better than Heavy Stormtrooper Squad!


The bad news is, not by much, and you need a serious Officers deck to really get your money's worth out of it.


EDIT: good catch on the Trooper bit there dbmeboy

Still not strictly better due to lacking the Trooper trait.

I'm still hesitant to run double Thrawn in my officer deck. They pull their weight more there, but I still don't like them enough to have four.

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