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Imperial Navy

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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Scavenger Bombardment

  Imperial Navy
----- AngryAchilles

Hoth Assault

  Imperial Navy, Aggro
----- Kordos

Jawas Flying Starships

  Imperial Navy
Blow [expletive of your choice] up! ----- FATMUSICGUY

Objective Barrage

  Imperial Navy, Tournament Quality
----- Sahandriel

Worlds Top 16 Tiny Grimes

  Imperial Navy, Aggro
The only DS deck that truly stands out in the top 16 mix. ----- FATMUSICGUY

And ya know that we got it

  Imperial Navy, Aggro, Fun
----- Ironswimsuit

Navy Black

  Imperial Navy
----- mugato

Death From Above

  Imperial Navy, Scum and Villainy
Inspired by the recent article about Scum Fighters. ----- KennedyHawk

Vader's Invasion of Hoth

  Imperial Navy, Theme
----- LarrytheGreat


  Imperial Navy, Tournament Quality
This was a winner ----- Wbfreak54

imperail stuff

  Imperial Navy
----- The0

Imperial Annihilation

  Imperial Navy
Resource rich and heavy hitter vehicles supported by the finest officers of the imperium. ----- mikado

imperial universal force

  Imperial Navy, Aggro
crush the rebel's will with the overwhelming power of the imperial fleet ----- drogo

Ultimate Jabba

  Imperial Navy, Fun
----- KennedyHawk


  Imperial Navy, Aggro
----- slayn22

Navy Objective Assault

  Imperial Navy
----- deathinc

Bring the Pain

  Imperial Navy
Big Units with lots of cost reducing effects to let you stampede your opponent ----- Euphius

Full Scale Assault

  Imperial Navy
Space/Air/Land Attack ----- Utinni

Sith Supporting Fire

  Imperial Navy, Sith
Sith Deck with a Navy supporting fire card ----- Utinni

Stop Hurting Youself

  Imperial Navy, Scum and Villainy and 1 more...
An attempt to capitalize off of cards that force your opponent to damage his own pods. ----- CarsonFlintlock

Imperial Navy

  Imperial Navy, Aggro
----- RobhJ

Tarkin's Reign

  Imperial Navy, Fun
Very effective at keeping rebels in line. ***** swtke

Annihilation Fleet

  Imperial Navy
Lots of starships and a helping of Lord Vador. ----- ZukoDWG

Scavengers' Terror

  Imperial Navy, Control
----- Boreas

Tri Colored Control

  Imperial Navy, Control and 1 more...
----- dbmeboy

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