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Altansar Rangers

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Altansar Rangers

Altansar Rangers

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Eldar
Cost: 3
Attack Value: 2
Hit Points: 2
Command Icons: 2
Traits: Scout. Altansar.

Ranged. (This unit attacks during the ranged skirmish at the beginning of a battle.)

Set: Core Set Number: 128 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: GW Design Studio
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Ranged and 2 command all for 3 ressources, Good card help maintain board control on the later planets.

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Very solid core unit. Helps with the command struggle and does well in combat to boot.

ranged ability seems great to me...packed with 2 CP... sounds nice

I love the fluffiness of this, in that he works best thrown out on his own on some far flung world disrupting supply lines and the like, and if your opponent tries to snipe him, he gets to snipe first, cos long las and cameoline cloak. If someone throws a cheap high command value against you, you can then send in your Warlord and have your sniper take them out.


All in all, great fluff in the emergent play.


Am finding that any cost above 2 is a slot which requires definite thought though, because of the risk of running out of deploys and passing before your opponent does. That said, nice synergy with Tarrus in that sense.

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Re: fluff, I'm curious if this card was originally Alatoic Rangers (who are much more an iconic Eldar unit) but then the artwork came back with red armour and some lorehead switched it to Altansar. Even cooler would be if the Altansar trait means something in the game's future!

One of the cards that instantly gets my 5/5 rating.


There really is no downside to this card, he has it al. Enough body to not get pinged to death, enough Command to savely say it will win the struggle and enough ATK to pose a problem on his own as a Ranged unit.

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I'd almost agree with that, except that he costs 3, which can significantly impact the timing of a Deploy phase, and lead to 3-4 units being played first turn rather than 4-5. Double icon nearly compensates for this, of course, and he synergises beautifully with a Tau/Eldar gunline deck, as a worthy recipient of an Ambush Platformed - Gun Drones.


A 3x in most of my decks that can take him, but I'd still only rate in 4/5, as 3 resources is a lot to pay for 2 ranged attack.

He also has good synergy with Tau in the Eldar/Tau deck because you can Ambush Platform him an Ion Rifle or even a Banshee sword to give him just enough punch during the ranged step to blast their big guy. Good stuff!

Jan 07 2015 04:56 PM

2-2-2 for 3 with ranged. I find it a balanced card like its cousin (no fluff-wisely) Mandrake. It's great but not excellent due to its cost 3.


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Too expensive for a command unit and weak stats for a fighter. But the ranged keyword opens up a lot of possibilities with Hypex Injector in Urien and weapons in Tau.