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Bigga is Betta

Bigga is Betta

Bigga is Betta

Type: Event
Faction: Orks
Cost: 0
Shields: 1
Signature/Loyalty: Signature Icon
Traits: Tactic.

Interrupt: When you deploy an [ORK] unit, reduce its cost by 2. Deal 1 damage to that unit after it enters play.
“Puny ‘umies! I iz da biggest!” -Bad Moons Meganob

Set: Core Set Number: 56 Quantity: 2
Illustrator: Imaginary FS Pte Ltd
Other Cards in Signature Squad 002
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A natural fit with Bad Dok!

Reducer is a reducer, and the 1 dmg can be an advantage in Ork, worse case it is a shiel

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Solid card, plus nice synergy with some other Ork units and Nazdreg's ability.

So glad this is a signature card, as that limits building around combos and stops it being a 3 x staple card for Orks forever more. Good design decision, FFG.

I was wondering about the interaction between this and nullify - it seems that there could be a variety of different outcomes as a result of cancelling this card. My current understanding is that you choose to deploy a unit, and as part of that deploy action use reduction effects to lower the cost. I'm not sure how to manage the following scenarios:


1). My opponent has 4 resources. He uses this event to play a goff nob (or any 6 cost ork unit). I nullify the event. What happens? does his deploy action just fail? Does he take it back? Can he make another deploy instead?


2). My opponent has 5 resources, and uses this event to play a 5 cost unit - this would leave him with 2 resources left. I nullify the event. Does he have to continue his declared deploy action and spend all of his resources to complete it?

The answer depends on whether he has enough available resources to continue to pay. If so, he must continue to pay; if not, he doesn't have to. This is quite a complicated area, so rather than answer here, let me point to two threads in the rules forum that have previously covered this space, namely:




And the tutorial on deployment in general:


Gotcha. Thanks :)

Very good card, effectively granting you some spare focus since the damage is not all that bad. 4/5.

Jan 07 2015 07:09 PM

Limited in 2x in deckbuilding. Thanks Khaine. A 3x would innescate too many combos (Bad Dok in primis) and help an uncontrollable rush.


Late information, and old news, but an observation for players newer to the game:


Bad Dok isn't the combo of choice here. Bad Dok probably shouldn't even be in your deck.


This card truly shines for the tempo advantage it gives you, and when you use the damage gained in synergy with Nazdreg's special ability or inherent Brutal keyword to create a monstrous unit that you can deploy very cheaply, usually near the end of the Deploy Turn when your opponent thinks you only have enough for something little.

2/3/4 for 2 resources? That'd be a Killa Kan brought out via this. 0/7/5 for 3 resources? That'd be a Goff Nob discounted and stood next to Nazdreg.


This card is basically amazing regardless for Nazdreg, so doesn't need to wait for Bad Dok, or even have Bad Dok in the deck. Orkz winz battlez.

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Great reducer. Cost 4 brutal unit for only 2? Yes please.

You could use this Interrupt with the deploy action from Staging Ground, correct?

Yes, though to be clear, this card doesn't reduce Printed Cost, just Cost, so it doesn't allow you to choose a 3-4 cost unit card for staging ground.

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I was just trying to get a free, pre-damaged 2-cost in play, but good point.

Good economy card with synergies in Nazdreg.


4/5 (I review signature cards comparing to other signature cards)