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Black Heart Ravager

Black Heart Ravager

Black Heart Ravager

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Dark Eldar
Cost: 6
Attack Value: 2
Hit Points: 5
Command Icons: 2
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Vehicle. Tank. Elite.

No Wargear Attachments.
Flying. (This unit takes half damage from non-Flying units.)
Reaction: After this unit damages a non-warlord unit, rout that unit.

Set: Core Set Number: 111 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Mauro Dal Bo
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This thing is brutal. It just wins planets, period. Rout is an amazing special power and the Flying keyword means the Ravager won't take much damage at all.

Another insane DE card, rout is the best thing you can do and the flying is icing on the cake solid 5.

Awesome control unit, plus high defense and Flying to keep it from being taken out easily.


Note that this has to actually damage the target to rout them, though, so its control effect is somewhat less reliable than the Dire Avenger squad. Opponents might be able to bust out a 2 (or even 3) shield or a Reaction to block this ability at a crucial moment.

Goes very well with a No Mercy in hand. In fact if you're running 3x of these I would recommend at least 2x no mercy and 2x Syren. The opponent will almost always think they're going to make it with a 2shield.

This card is almost too expensive to play. I've never had a situation where playing it would be my best move. I think x2 is the most I would run... I might even skip it. The only way I've gotten it into play is from that battle effect that gives each player a unit for free

The advantage and worth of this card comes with the powerful ability mixed with flying. Say you have a hard battle coming up and all you have is Packmaster Kith, a Khymera and this card at the planet. Now they have to decide - "Do I start whittling down the Black Heart Ravager early to shut that horrible ability off, or do I kill the warlord and the Khymera?"

If they keep putting off dealing with this beast, they're probably going to wind up losing the fight. If they engage it first, its going to take a lot of swings to take it down (because shields take away from the total damage dealt and not the base damage) In other words, they swing for 4, you reduce to 2 for flying, then shield for two, then you attack and rout the next fresh attacker with the highest damage.

Definitely worth the price. One of the most useful units in the Dark Eldar garrison.

When will you ever have 6 lying around with enough board control that playing only 1 card that turn is worth it... not very often, and if you can, you already won anyway. Not that useful.

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When will you ever have 6 lying around with enough board control that playing only 1 card that turn is worth it... not very often, and if you can, you already won anyway. Not that useful.


Specifically when you're trying to get below them in resources to use the Raid event, turning the cost of the unit into a five while throwing a wrench into their budget.

Also, there are quite a few tools available to make an expensive dark Eldar deck work: Eldar survivalist, superiority, raid, you can also focus solely on resource-grab and make up for your lack of card draw with Pact of the Haemunculi, in fact I would argue that cards like Packmaster kith and her khymeramasters, the haemunculous tormentor and the beast hunter wyches synergize with a "rush the resources" type deck, using only your khymeras for sacrifice. Add in 3 rogues and 1 void pirate, good to go.

Hrm... yeah I'm running a lot of those cards... do you have a decklist that you are using? I would love to check it out :)

Ooor you could start up the Packmaster Kith Deck Thread! Wink wink hint hint.

Fantastic bomb for the Dark Eldar, routes problems away unless your opponent is willing to spend insane ammounts of shields to it. 4/5 for sure. Not yet an auto include but remains very powerfull.

Jan 07 2015 07:13 PM

If only had a more command icon, It would perfect to lure opponent's warlord. As is is widely overpriced and rarely see play more than in 1-2x.


Poor stats. DE has good uniques so No Mercy is an option. This is one for the future, when vehicles gets more love.