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Kraktoof Hall

Kraktoof Hall

Kraktoof Hall

Type: Support
Faction: Orks
Cost: 2
Signature/Loyalty: Signature Icon
Traits: Location.

Combat Action: Exhaust this support to move 1 damage from a target unit you control to another target unit at the same planet.

Set: Core Set Number: 55 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Dimitri Bielak
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At first, this card seems okay. When you realize the following two things, though, it winds up looking incredible:


1. You can move damage from your units to enemy units, not just between your own units.

2. Moving damage isn't dealing damage and damage that you move onto enemy units can't be shielded.


This is absolutely a 5/5 card. If there were a way to play it consistently, it would seem outright overpowered.

2.) it can be shielded.


RR Page 5 Costs: The word "to"

Many card abilities are presented in a "do X to do Y" construct. In such a construct, the "do X" aspect (preceding the word "to") is considered a cost, and the "do Y" aspect (following the word "to") is considered an effect.


RR Page 14 Shields:

When a unit is attacked or dealt damage by an effect its controller may discard one card with one or more printed shield icons from his hand to prevent an amount of damag up to the number of shield icons on the discarded card.



but nevertheless a great card

Damage being moved can't be shielded. RRG Moving Damage section states:

"Moved damage bypasses all damage prevention and reassign opportunities, and is placed directly upon the card to which it has been moved."

And shielding is prevention, as per the Shields section you've quoted. Re moving effects, there's no "Do x" aspect (it's just specifying what's to be moved) so it's not a cost; the word "to" is merely specifying its destination. It's an unfortunate double-usage of a word (I lobbied for an arrow), but that's the correct way to interpret it.

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Ah.. great.. thanks :)


missed that in the manual.

Great effect for sure, 4/5. Great synergy with Nazdreg's ability, signature Event and Ork Kannon.

Jan 19 2015 09:08 PM

A (not so cheap) way to move Brutal or to bump Dok's command.


Amazing card

Control card and combat enhancement all at the same time in Orcs? Yes, thank you.


5/5 (I'm reviewing signature cards comparing to other signature cards)